BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!
Two of nature's most dangerous weapons.
Uncategorized - January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 everybody! To celebrate, here are some optimistic new minifig desktops to welcome the incoming year.

The joyful little fellow in “Moving Target” could not be more pleased to see everybody, and the “Valkyrie” is our own Nike of Samothrace (except better armed). She’s happy to offend parents with cartoon anatomy rather than gratuitous violence, making her one of the least crude images on the site.

(And if anybody disagrees with that assessment, then you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that you’re anything but a knee-jerk Victorian. Someone who thinks that violence and killing are okay, but life-essential body parts are not, isn’t somebody I’d trust with the care of children.)

I still think you shouldn’t put that pic up… or at least fuzz it in crucial areas. A lot of parents could ban the site if you did.
Exactly! If people were at all worried about what was appropriate for kids (or anyone else), they would have banned it already long ago, regardless of whether or not it reveals the terrible secret of what a boob looks like in wacky cartoon form. BrikWars isn’t appropriate. That’s its whole raison d’etre. Anyone who thinks otherwise is missing the point.
The boob thing is a joke that only works in the U.S., though, I don’t think the population of the other 96% of the world are so frightened of parts of their own bodies.
“Moving Target,” 1024×768 (44k)
“Valkyrie,” 1280×1024 (180k)
More desktop artwork on the BrikWars Downloads page
- posted by Mike