BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick tabletop wargame that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!

Bring and build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for construction toy glory, with a robust system to incorporate whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!
Fox and the Daily Sun are against toy badguys.
Brick Links - December 4, 2008

BrickArms just got slammed with some sensationalist nonsense by the British tabloid The Daily Sun, and the story went on to get picked up by Fox News. Leaving aside the discussion about what it says about Fox News that they happily use the soaraway Sun as a reliable news source, this serves to remind me that I’m way behind in taking about new BrickArms products released in the last couple of months. Which is a shame, because they’re awesome.

(Before you read either article, if you’re not aware already, BrickArms doesn’t produce “al Qaeda terrorist” minifigs. Duh.)

Naturally, all this media attention has accomplished is flooding BrickArms with more orders than they can process. So feel free to run over there and check out the great new stuff, then weep in agony because you can’t order any of it anymore. Thanks a lot, Fox News!

BrickArms custom-molded weapons
“Osama Bin Lego” on the Daily Sun (warning: contains misrepresentation and fabrication)
“Lego-Style Islamic Terrorist Figurine Sparks Outrage” on Fox News (warning: Fox News)
Badger announces new BrickArms items on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms prototypes from BrickCon on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms sci-fi shooter prototypes on the BrikWars forums
- posted by Mike