BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick tabletop wargame that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!

Bring and build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for construction toy glory, with a robust system to incorporate whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!

Bad news, everyone! Once-free image hosting service Photobucket has turned heel and taken everyone’s years of photos away without warning (unless their victims fork over the low, low price of $400 USD apiece). That’s a nice decade of photographic history you’ve got there – shame if something happened to it! As a result, much of BrikWars’ early history has now been replaced with Photobucket extortion messages.

But not Zombie Zulu Dawn! Thanks to the semi-painstaking work of our semi-diligent moderators, BrikWars’ most legendary battle from the early years of the forum has been picked up and re-hosted on the BrikWars server. See it again in its original 2009-2010 glory:

- posted by Mike