BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick tabletop wargame that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!

Bring and build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for construction toy glory, with a robust system to incorporate whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!
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Dork Tower by John Kovalic I mean Greg Hyland
Mike - November 5, 2014 - Brick Links

BrikWars got a mention in John Kovalic’s Dork Tower today, thanks to a guest strip from Greg Hyland.

Igor seems suspiciously defensive (spoiler alert) of his Friends affinity, but anyone who’s actually bought these sets know how great they are for miniatures wargaming, especially if you’re into painting and customizing figures.

aoffan23 - May 28, 2014 - Bonus Material, Brick Links

There was a time when few people made statcards for their units because it was a tedious process. Too many layers to work with, too much CP to calculate, and too much effort to put into something that could be easily written down on paper.

That time has ended.

Forum user WestNordOst has gone through the effort of creating a full-fledged statcard generator. Just enter the unit’s Structure, Propulsion, Weapons and other features, and watch as it instantly calculates the unit’s CP and adds the information to the card. Then, pimp out your statcards by changing the coulours and adding flavour text and a picture of your unit. Hit the Print button and BAM, you’ve got yourself a sweet statcard that took about five minutes to make.

Link is provided below, as well as the link to the thread so you can see any future updates.



The Mastodon Superheavy Systems Interdictions Platform
Colette - January 18, 2014 - Brick Links, Forum Battles, The Armory

Too often, Brikwarriors are separated from their bricks by the evils of real life and education. But LEGO® Digital Designer (LDD) has come to the rescue, allowing these poor souls to continue their campaigns of chaos and destruction. Featuring city-sized dreadnoughts, massive fleets, and Eldritch abominations ripped from pretentious anime, LDD microspace battles are what Star Wars and Warhammer 40k wished they could be. Also remember to check out some of the excellently designed ships from the expert builders fredde and dilanski.

Brick Conquerors!!!
Mike - May 9, 2013 - Brick Links, Other Games

It turns out there are lots of games you can play with bricks besides BrikWars. In honor of Hyperbole and a Half’s semi-triumphant return to updating, here’s their coverage of the state of the art in brick gaming circa 2010.

Stabbing you in the face since 2001.
Mike - December 16, 2010 - Brick Links

Hi everybody! Remember that video I was telling you about in the previous post? The “Lego Black Ops” one?

Within the same day, eBaum’s had already stolen it, slapped their logo on it, and started collecting ad revenue for it. Which is to be expected, that’s what they do. What pisses me off is that in the couple days since then, people have been sending me links to it as if it were the original content, which it isn’t, obviously.

I usually figure that that site has been around long enough that people know better than to pass around eBaum’s links, but some of you are pretty new to the internet and don’t know about those guys yet. So for those of you not clued in: DON’T USE EBAUM’S. Don’t visit it, don’t link to it, don’t put up with other people who do.

Their sole reason to exist is to steal original content from guys like me, pretend it’s theirs, and make money off it. Every time you visit a page on their site, and every time you send someone else there, you’re giving them ad revenue for their stolen work.

eBaum explained in a cautionary animation
eBaum explained on Wikipedia
Mike - December 13, 2010 - Brick Links, Bricks, Inspirational Media

Just saw a stop-motion video by Keshen8 that’s not to be missed – it runs like a highlight reel for BrickArms weaponry (though I think I spot at least a couple of Brickforge pieces in there as well – am I wrong?).

I try to update the links every now and then with new custom-weapons shops that catch my eye, but I really only get a tiny fraction of what’s out there, and there are a couple of sites that are much more dedicated and do a much better job.

Most of the customs news I follow these days comes from the Ugly Duckling at Bricklink minifig news blog and the FireStar Toys reseller site. These will give you a much better idea of the full range of minifig options available, and I figure this is as good an excuse as any to pass along some links.

Keshen8’s channel on YouTube
BrickArms custom molded weapons and custom minifigures
BrickForge custom minifigure accessories
The Ugly Duckling at Bricklink minifig news blog
FireStar Toys
The BrikWiki: Like a Library of Death.
Natalya - December 7, 2010 - Brick Links, The BrikWars Wiki

It has been around for a while, but it has never made it into the newsfeed. I’m talking about the BrikWiki — BrikWars’ wiki where you can learn about Triangleism, Orange Transparent, or the horrific events which took place at Hospital 555. Below I’ve linked some of the better-written pages. Go have a look:

Orange Transparent Chainsaw
Hospital 555
Stat Card List
Counterparts to the Deadly Spaceman: Spacefemme Fatales?
Mike - April 2, 2010 - Artwork, Brick Links, Inspirational Media

There are some truly epic battles going on in the forums right now, so rather than posting links to any of those, I’m going to leave it to you to find them and send you to go look at this other thing instead.

Swedish freelance artist and Diglett fan Niklas Jansson has posted a massive pile of concept sketches and thoughts to his Android Arts site about redesigning classic LEGO Space themes. There’s a whole lot of material to plow through, but look towards the bottom half of the page for highlights like a massive OTC tunneler for Ice Planet, some Zaku-styled Blacktrons, and of course the sexy Space Babes.

– Mike
Android Arts: The LEGO Project
Prometheus Spawning Grounds
Niklas’s art blog
"Engaging in imaginative play helps my development!"
Mike - March 27, 2009 - Brick Links, Inspirational Media

As all experienced BrikWars players know, playing with Lego, combined with learning that rules are made to be changed, leads directly and inevitably to massive psychotic explosions of violence. Surprising no one, this is the combination of factors that lead SkyNet to destroy humanity, as shown on tonight’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

As much as I hate to promote anything on the Fox network, I felt that this one had to be shared.

YouTube: “TSCC 2.20 To The Lighthouse Preview” clip shows Lego’s role in the downfall of humanity
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fox and the Daily Sun are against toy badguys.
Mike - December 4, 2008 - Brick Links

BrickArms just got slammed with some sensationalist nonsense by the British tabloid The Daily Sun, and the story went on to get picked up by Fox News. Leaving aside the discussion about what it says about Fox News that they happily use the soaraway Sun as a reliable news source, this serves to remind me that I’m way behind in taking about new BrickArms products released in the last couple of months. Which is a shame, because they’re awesome.

(Before you read either article, if you’re not aware already, BrickArms doesn’t produce “al Qaeda terrorist” minifigs. Duh.)

Naturally, all this media attention has accomplished is flooding BrickArms with more orders than they can process. So feel free to run over there and check out the great new stuff, then weep in agony because you can’t order any of it anymore. Thanks a lot, Fox News!

BrickArms custom-molded weapons
“Osama Bin Lego” on the Daily Sun (warning: contains misrepresentation and fabrication)
“Lego-Style Islamic Terrorist Figurine Sparks Outrage” on Fox News (warning: Fox News)
Badger announces new BrickArms items on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms prototypes from BrickCon on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms sci-fi shooter prototypes on the BrikWars forums