BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick tabletop wargame that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!

Bring and build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for construction toy glory, with a robust system to incorporate whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!
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Brikwars on Delve
Can you believe there are people that don’t know about Brikwars? I recently appeared as a guest on the Mad Adventurers Society’s podcast Delve to talk about Brikwars and how it led me to design my own board game Mothership.

Brikwars is a great war-game in so many ways and I hope I represented our community well. To discuss any stuttering or factual errors I made, please visit this forum topic.

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Just a reminder that you can gain more Brikwars goodness from subscribing to the official subreddit or by following our pintrest feed curated by none other than Lord Rayhawk himself. That’s right, Mike takes time away from washing his yacht and gargling his prize winning greyhounds to bring you the best plastic construction toy violence the net has to offer.

Brikwars on Reddit

Rayhawks Pintrest Feed

MegaBlox Mountain stands ready to defy all invaders.
Mike - August 1, 2008 - Battle Reports, BrikWars Community
Led by the football-obsessed Piltogg, the Minnesota Gamers Guild is making a name for itself for its genocidal crusades. Earlier struggles of ethnic cleansing against peach-colored minifigs are now being followed up with battles to wipe out the forces of Mega Bloks.

Be warned! Piltogg hasn’t yet perfected the art of the line break, so you’ll need to resize your browser window for some of the write-ups to line up correctly.

Aug 1: MNGG’s Megablox vs. Lego Battle II write-up
Jul 20: MNGG’s Space Race write-up
Jul 20: MNGG’s Battle of the Bloody Books write-up
Mar 2: Piltogg’s Megablox v. Lego I gallery on BrickShelf
Prepare for skullduggery on the BrikWars battle forum!
Mike - December 25, 2007 - BrikWars Community

I’ve been getting some e-mails lately wondering why there haven’t been any updates to the Movable Type feed lately; the answer is that the Movable Type software and I have had irreconcilable differences. But fear not! I’ve been busily moving the newsfeed over to LiveJournal instead, and for those of you who can read this, it must be working right. Updating and editing the newsposts will now be much, much easier, and furthermore, you can now see where all the newsposts of the last six months went.

Hopefully this means that it’ll be easier for everyone to participate in the comment threads. While Movable Type relied on a cryptic and byzantine login system that baffled even the most dedicated webfan, a quick look at any random LiveJournal shows that LJ is easy and intuitive enough for even the most retarded semi-pubescent drama-whore.

Whether you consider that to be good news or bad, if the comment threads don’t thrill you I’ve also installed some shiny brand-new discussion forums to back them up, fulfilling a decade-long dream of mine which in the past I had always been too lazy to do anything about. As I type this announcement, the forums are still in their first couple dozen users and couple hundred posts, so there’s still time to get in towards the beginning if not actually on the ground floor. Merry Christmas everybody!

The BrikWars battle forum
The BrikWars newsfeed on
The BrikWars News RSS feed
Because you missed it in June, the post about Almighty Benny’s “Last Man Standing”
Last Man Standing: the commemorative plaque.

Almighty Benny has cemented his position as BrikWars Genius by turning a good idea for rewarding mayhem into what may very well be the greatest BrikWars YouTube movie created to date. His “Last Man Standing” rule gives powerful bonuses to players who burn through all their excess troops in a hurry.

The rule and the battles that followed are described and discussed in great detail in the Frappr forum thread, and the battlefield adventures of the Imperial Navy, the Castle Guards, and the SWAT Team are immortalized forever in their YouTube epic.

The Last Man Standing thread on the Frappr forum
The Last Man Standing epic movie on YouTube
Skitzo’s battle photos on BrickShelf
Mike - December 19, 2005 - BrikWars Community
BrikWarriors Unite!
Californians – our new overlords?

Thanks to the guys at Frappr and the magic of the Google API, it turns out to be pretty simple to import a Frappr map directly into a webpage. That being the case, how could I resist adding a miniature version of BrikWars’ Frappr map to the BrikWars Fans page?

From the looks of it, California is making an early grab for the position of BrikWars Capital of the World. If you don’t add your pin then you’ll have only yourself to blame for this frightening turn of events.

The BrikWars Frappr Map
BrikWars Fans
Mike - December 17, 2005 - Battle Reports, BrikWars Community

Debunking any misconceptions about pens being mightier than swords
Finally breaking the curse of STUDS’ battle results, NELUG demonstrates the proper method of slaughtering the French.

Christmastime is the busiest time of the year for those of us with jobs in the toy industry, which maybe goes partway to explaining why I’m two months behind in answering e-mails – sorry everybody!

While I’m trying to work my way through the backlog, check out the latest entry in NELUG’s Year of BrikWars – a re-enactment of the Treaty of Versailles, except that this time it’s between the English and French and naturally everything goes horribly wrong.

Also, for everyone writing in about how hard it is to find other BrikWars players in the area, I’ve started up a BrikWars Frappr map. Add a map pin to your location and see who else is around!

Evil Wayne’s post about BrikWar: VersaillesPunk
Wayne’s VersaillesPunk BrickShelf gallery
Shaun’s VersaillesPunk BrickShelf gallery
BrikWars Frappr