BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!
Nazi paranoia over possible turncoats and spies causes some internal friction.
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NELUG rings in again with another battle of amazing constructions and unnecessarily Byzantine rules as always – to the point that no one can sort out afterwards exactly what happened, but the photos are awesome nonetheless.

From Elroy’s description on the forum:

“I’d write up a battle report, but, honestly, parts of this battle were so complex as far as who was fighting who, that I’m not sure I’d get any of it right at this point.”

… “Add in a few spies and traitors on both sides and eventually no one knew who was on what side, so you basically shot at anyone who was shooting at you.

It was awesome.”

Alfredjr’s Weard War II BrickShelf gallery
TaltosVT’s questionable attempt to explain this battle on the BrikWars forums
After losing one arm, the Green Golem uses the other one to projectilize this storm trooper.
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Deep in the ancient recesses of Portugal, the forces of Pesgores are battling away in a series of conflicts described only as Triangle Jobs. While the meaning of this phrase remains perpetually ambiguous, you can expect to see wildly malfunctioning rocket launchers, stormtroopers used as projectiles, and massive casualties from friendly fire.
March 8: “Lego Rebels Battle!!!” on PagRikyProd’s site
May 20: “Storm Troopers vs. the Green Golem” on the BrikWars Forums
Jun 29: “The Battle for the Riverside Base” on the BrikWars Forums
This knight looks forward to joining your army.
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After a seeming eternity away, word is filtering down across the AFOL forums that the Little Armory is coming back and bringing all its custom minifig weapons and equipment back to market. This is great news for anyone who missed them the first time around and whose minifigs are still looking for more ways to kill one another. Keep an eye on the Little Armory site for further bulletins as events warrant.

Little Armory Toys
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McDo and Cyborgorc Productions have put together a show-stopping stop-motion tribute to BrikWars. They present Once Upon a Stranded Toybox, in which the armies of Dark Owl and Indianapolis Jack brave blood, destruction, and musical numbers in “an epic battle for the universe, and one piece of pizza!”

Evolutionary pressures on Lunaris lizardmen have resulted in the red wedge-shaped head adaptation.
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Doodstormer’s been hard at work in his home sticker factory, making custom uniform decals and accessories for new minifig factions and game styles.

Doodstormer’s custom characters
Armies of Terra
Capture the Flag squads for FPS-style battles
No props; no backdrop; only two minifigs standing in the road. In a single arresting vignette, james+burgundy captures the very essence of BrikWars, and then splatters it all over the plastic asphalt.
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Another summary post this month – February sees a bunch of folks playing their first battles, or at least posting pictures for the first time. My favorite line comes from spacetime_d20’s write-up for the Archipelago Gaming Guild’s game, describing Sandra’s retroactive base placement strategy:

“Sandra, in charge of Archaeologists Inc., went first. Her first move was to snag the nearest treasure chest. After being informed that she would come up half an inch short on the movement, she nudged her base that much to the left. Presto! Within range to loot the chest!

My response: ‘She’s got the hang of this already!'”

Feb. 06: Carrnevil9’s “Vikings vs. Exo Pilots” Play-n’-Post Solo Battle
Feb. 19: James+burgundy’s “zomibe batle” BrikWars forums thread
James+burgundy’s “zomibe batle” BrickShelf gallery
Feb. 23: NELUG’s “Battlestationesque Alien Spaceship Game” BrickShelf gallery
Feb. 26: The Archipelago Gaming Guild’s “Capture the Flag” illustrated write-up
Feb. 29: G-Man’s “Battle at the ruins of Tel’far,” a very creepy forum thread
GJanse’s “Battle at the ruins of Tel’far” battle writeup on BoardGameGeek
Imperial troops fall victim to the Green Sabre Brigade's Snake-A-Pult.
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January’s been a busy month on the forums. Battle photos were zipping by left and right faster than I had time to post them. Here are links to some more of this month’s highlights:

Jan 01: Gorchek’s solo mercenary campaigns
Jan 12: Moron Studios’ Undead Survival Mod
Jan 13: The Lizard King’s Space Troopers vs. Pirates vs. Imperial Soldiers vs. Knights battle
Jan 15: LegoEggo’s Viking Massacre
Jan 19: Moron Studios’ First Big Battle
Jan 20: Captainnomouth’s First Battle for Emerald Base (Warning! annoying music)
Jan 26: Piltogg’s play-n’-post battle, in honor of Olothontor
Jan 26: James+burgundy’s Zombie Massacre, in honor of Piltogg
Jan 26: Several battles on the Battle-Gaming of Massachusetts site
Jan 27: Matt S.’s solo BrikWar
Jan 27: Kidko’s Battle of the Sol Dies
The drummer as viewed from backstage, powering forth on FjordHammer's mobile Battle Stage.
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Following Evil Tobbacconist’s call for the forum community to join together and develop the greatest army ever devised, events took a metalocalyptic turn when resident genius Almighty Benny commandeered the reins.

Skipping the lubricating preamble of an opening act (we can only assume that if there was a lead-in band, it arrived pre-slaughtered by the metalness of what was about to occur), the members of FjordHammer burst forth from their Battle Stage to wreak destruction over all lesser forms of warfare.

Almighty Benny introduces FjordHammer in the Community Built Army thread on the forums
Skitzo’s FjordHammer gallery on BrickShelf
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Leonardo812 has posted to the forums to announce his brand new BrikWars trailer. Using brick-based stop-motion animation (and some voice acting help from Moronstudios), he’s managed to perfectly capture the fun and adrenaline-packed excitement of an actual BrikWars game in progress.

Leonardo812’s BrikWars Trailer on YouTube
The BrikWars Trailer thread on the forums
Brickvention 2008: just one more reason to be jealous of Australians.
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A couple of big Lego conventions are coming up for their second showings – Brickvention 2008 in Melbourne, Australia is less than two weeks away, and registration has just opened for Brickworld 2008 in Illinois in June.

As usual, Brickvention has both public and demonstration BrikWars events on the program, with prizes this year provided by Aussie Custom Decals, the official distributor of BrickArms in Australia.

Brickvention 2008 in Melbourne, Australia
BrikWars at Brickvention 2008
Aussie Custom Decals on
Brickworld 2008 in Wheeling, Illinois