BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!
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IVhorseman’s posted to the Frappr forums with news from Redrock City, which has been reduced to a smoldering ruin of crumbling Pepsi-carton buildings and styrofoam rubble by the Galactic Corporate Alliance’s bombing campaign. The Galactic Union has moved in to occupy a section of the remains, but GCA forces are moving in to evict them from their positions.

IVhorseman’s Frappr thread
IVhorseman’s Brickshelf gallery
Mini-dragon! Please stop humping the boulder!
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I don’t know who these guys are (apart from all of their names, multiple face shots, and army photos), but they are awesome.

I see a lot more BrikWars photos going up on flickr and mocpages nowadays as opposed to Brickshelf, which works out nicely because adding captions makes everything more hilarious. It’s tough to pick the best quote out of so many possibilities offered in this gallery; sober rules clarifications like “Should a hero manage to ascend this tower and drink the contents of the Goblet of Command without getting a brain freeze (skill rating 5), they will gain control of all the natives and monkeys surrounding it” are followed with “Easily deflecting enemy armor, the Baby Dragon growls and humps a rock” and a picture entitled simply “Nerds.”

Watch for burning monkeys, the disturbing Axephant, and Prince Klaus Von Awesome jumping a river of lava on the back of a crocodile (did I say awesome already? – because, AWESOME).

Triple Faction Brikwars Chaos: The Battle of Fleebnork Pass on Flickr
Virtual minifigs come apart even easier than the plastic kind.
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Martin van Haeften and Brenny Pagniello write in with two new brick wargames. I haven’t had time to look at either too closely yet, but feel free to poke around their sites.

Martin’s LegoWar is an online multiplayer empire-building game that looks to be a web-based callback to Door games of old, for those of you who remember the days of old when we were still celebrating the miraculous advance from 300 to 1200 baud modems. The game seems to have completed several iterations and special in-game events.

Brenny’s Blok-Lok is a little closer to the kind of thing we’re used to seeing, a quick and easy minifig tabletop combat game pared down to bare essentials.

Martin van Haeften’s LegoWar
Brenny Pagniello’s Blok-Lok
With Brickshelf's mysterious disappearance, the hearts and weblinks of Lego fans are broken.
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Copied over from the Brothers Brick LEGO Blog:

Whether you host your own images there or not, Brickshelf is one of the cornerstones of the online LEGO community. As many of you visiting this blog will have noticed, none of the images hosted on Brickshelf are currently working, and if you’ve been to in the last few hours, you will have seen the following text – and nothing else – on the home page:

“Brickshelf has discontinued operation. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

They follow up with links to discussions across the Lego fan community, since this caught even the most insidey of insiders by complete surprise.

Update, July 19: Brickshelf is back online; it turns out the entire panic was part of a questionable publicity stunt to raise awareness of Brickshelf’s financial woes. However, this heightening of awareness seems to have been a completely wasted effort, as Brickshelf lacks any obvious method for taking donations.

The Brothers Brick: Brickshelf gone for good? Brickshelf has discontinued operation
UPDATE 07/19: Brickshelf NOT gone for good: Kevin Loch speaks
Brik: Tactics battles result in a lot of dismemberments.
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Jamie Fristrom of GameDevBlog writes in:

“I bet you get a lot of e-mail from annoying people who say, “Hey, look at how I changed BrikWars, because I didn’t like it the way it was, and blah blah blah.” This is another one of those e-mails. Anyhow, I just posted my mod at, if you’re interested – it’s like QuikWars but even Quiker. Once you’ve set up, anyway.”

Jamie’s “Brik: Tactics” is a cool little mod that bases damage on chopping off minifig limbs, creating a horrific scene of mutilated combatants and discarded body parts strewn across the battlefield. Awesome!

(As an old-school Lego guy, I never took this route – the minifigs of the Eighties could have their shoulders and hips detached, but after a certain number of times they wouldn’t go back on again. Minifigs today are manfuactured to be more durable, so battle mutilation is a lot more feasible nowadays, but old habits dies hard.)

Although described as a BrikWars mod, “Brik: Tactiks” is a pretty unique and full-featured game in its own right, with a number of features that make it well worth a look. I especially like the modified initiative rules, and the callouts to influences from other wargames.

Brik: Tactics
Last Man Standing: the commemorative plaque.
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Almighty Benny has cemented his position as BrikWars Genius by turning a good idea for rewarding mayhem into what may very well be the greatest BrikWars YouTube movie created to date. His “Last Man Standing” rule gives powerful bonuses to players who burn through all their excess troops in a hurry.

The rule and the battles that followed are described and discussed in great detail in the Frappr forum thread, and the battlefield adventures of the Imperial Navy, the Castle Guards, and the SWAT Team are immortalized forever in their YouTube epic.

The Last Man Standing thread on the Frappr forum
The Last Man Standing epic movie on YouTube
Skitzo’s battle photos on BrickShelf
Brightly colored Duplo bricks offer a cheery backdrop to a cataclysmic airship crash.
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Inspired by MOCs of the Star Wars Sail Barge, NELUG returned to the battlefield with a fleet of steampunk airships fighting it out over the desert.

Combat raged on for ten hours, with “every form of battle imaginable: gunfire, ramming, boarding actions, hand-to-hand. Even the dreaded Sandworms of Kar’Zuba got into the action, gorging on troopers abaonding their skiffs as they went down.”

Shaun Sullivan’s post to Lugnet
Shaun’s Brickshelf gallery
Oh come on. Those aren't proper minifig proportions.
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For those who haven’t seen it yet, Kotaku’s got an exclusive concept trailer for the upcoming Lego Universe MMOG.

Kotaku exclusive: The LEGO Universe Trailer
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The high point of this month’s Escapist magazine is a great article by Allen Varney. Entitled “LEGO Games – More ways to stack bricks than you can easily imagine,” it’s a quick overview of the wide world of Lego gaming, and a little of its culture and history.

BrikWars gets a fair amount of good press, but my favorite bit of the article comes near the end:

    “And how long until we get collectible LEGO games a la HeroClix? Designing a good clicky-base miniatures army feels (metaphorically) like assembling a model – that is, putting together a little machine with lots of complementary, interlocking parts.”

Isn’t that the truth!

LEGO Games – More ways to stack bricks than you can easily imagine