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We've done everything we can to fill the rulebook with eye candy and entertaining text, but it can never compare with the reality of a good BrikWars game in full swing.  You should definitely take the time to check out some of the websites created by BrikWars' magnificent fans.

Because of the increasing number of BrikWars fan sites, we've split the links for each group's games onto its own page.  You can read the group introductions below, or jump straight to their individual pages here:

The Reverend
And More!

If you have made a BrikWars site and would like to see it listed here, we'd love to check it out!  Please let us know at

The New England LEGO® Users Group

NELUG's home page
NELUG's LUGNET™ newsgroup

The New England LEGO® User's Group is the oldest, craziest, and most rabid of all the big BrikWars-playing clubs.  They are also the biggest pains in the butt when it comes to "helpful suggestions" for rulebook improvements.  But we can't say they haven't earned the right.

NELUG is largely based in and around the Massachusetts area but have been known to forage up and down the Atlantic coast in search of game.  Pictures from many of NELUG's games can be found on their web site - look for the BrikWars links in the left-hand column.

image: a heavily-armed BattleMek is abandoned by its Pilot during the type of urinary emergency that Shaun's minifigs would soon become known for.

NELUG's games

A Mek stands guard

The Buckeye LEGO® Owners Club

BLOC Online
BLOC's LUGNET™ newsgroup
Aircraft of the World
Brick Frenzy

BLOC (BrikWars Legions, Ohio Chapter) is a group within BLOC (Buckeye LEGO® Owner's Club), and they have a penchant for staging bizarre and cross-genre battles.

BLOC is based in Ohio.  Write-ups from their battles can be found on BLOC Online, Drew Lawrence's Aircraft of the World, and Adrian Drake's Brick Frenzy.

image: two unlucky troopers get splattered by BURPman while a third laughs at the comical sight.

BLOC's games

BURPman fingerpaints with some Troopers' intestines

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Users Group
Wamalug's LUGNET™ newsgroup

Wamalug's credits include a number of BrikWars firsts, including BrikWars' first campaign of scripted scenarios and its first convention game.

Wamalug is centered in and around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, drawing members from several surrounding states.  Their website is at

image: a mounted archer is surprised by a sudden T-Rex attack!

Wamalug's games

Archer - the other white meat


Port Block
LUGNET's™ Australian newsgroup

Studs is the local LEGO® User's Group in Sydney, Australia, and they don't do anything small.  Their battles are vast and wide-ranging, involving hundreds of minifigs on the field.  This epic scale is made possible by a refreshingly loose attitude towards the rules, and there has occasionally been some argument as to whether they are playing BrikWars or some other game entirely.  Who cares?  The pictures are amazing, and that's all that really matters.

The Studs website can be found on Richard Parsons' Port Block site, which in turn is hosted by

image: the Castle Kevin is besieged by foreign invaders

Studs' games

A beautiful day for some carnage

The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith and Co.
The Reverend

Notorious Internet celebrity The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith has a habit of tricking his friends in San Fransisco into engaging in all sorts of unnatural LEGO®-related acts.  Chief among his collection of bizarre and disturbing websites is

image: this picture of the horrifying J-VEQ has almost nothing to do with BrikWars.

the Rev's games

Arr!  Me eat Lego car!

The Vancouver LEGO® Club

VLC''s home page
The Vancouver LEGO® Club

The Vancouver LEGO® Club gathers in the nether regions of darkest Vancouver, BC in Canada.  After a mysterious absence, they have returned even stronger as a burgeoning powerhouse of MiniFig Death web pages.

VLC's home page can be found at  Full rundowns of their battles are in the MiniFig Death - VLC Edition section of Marc Bruyere's site. Alex Husby's write-ups can be found in the LEGO® section of her Xandria's Realm site.

image: that's just the Man trying to keep you down.

VLC's games

A full tank of gas, half a rack of missiles, it's dark out, and we're shooting lasers

...And Many More!

Brickfest convention home page
BricksWest convention home page

Not all BrikWars battle pages are associated with regular groups.  Here's a few that didn't fit into any other categories.

image: Stephen Fisher celebrates his ownership of two flags by displaying two thumbs up at BricksWest 2002.

everybody else's games

I've got more flags than you

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