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BLOC (BrikWars Legions, Ohio Chapter) is a group within BLOC (Buckeye LEGO® Owner's Club), and they have a penchant for staging bizarre and cross-genre battles.

BLOC is based in Ohio.  Write-ups from their battles can be found on BLOC Online, Drew Lawrence's Aircraft of the World, and Adrian Drake's Brick Frenzy.

BLOC Online
BLOC's LUGNET™ newsgroup
Aircraft of the World
Brick Frenzy

The Battle of Mount Jar Jar - April 15, 2000
BLOC's first battle featured (among other things) a four-story bowling pin, a psychedelic multi-colored tank, and an oafish BURPman using Timmy as live bait.

image: two unlucky troopers get splattered by BURPman while a third laughs at the comical sight.

Drew's illustrated write-up
LUGNET discussion
Ken Ostromek's BrickShelf gallery

BURPman fingerpaints with some Troopers' intestines

Death to the Pepsi Brotherhood - July 15, 2000
The interstellar war of two starfaring civilizations is interrupted by the interference of hallucinating civil-war reenactors and an SCA rennaissance fair gone wrong.  All vie to discover and make off with a mysterious crystal of unimaginable power, which is defended by the super-powered Colonel Sanders, Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Pizza Hut Girl.

image: a biker stops to flirt with a local floozy but unintentionally reveals several gallons of his unattractive inner qualities when he is stomped under the foot of a gigantic BattleMek.

Adrian Drake's illustrated write-up on Brick Frenzy
Adrian's BrickShelf gallery

Street pizza

The Library is Closing - August 15, 2000
Friendly units from a variety of military forces join together for a Battle of Mount Jar Jar Reunion.  Seeing that the landscape is composed of foam rather than bricks, they become enraged and begin an epic battle whose surprise ending is brought about by a nagging librarian.

image: some robots shoot at some other robots, a tradition dating back to time immemorial.

Drew Lawrence's write-up on Aircraft of the World

The Library is a place of quiet study and reflection

Skeletons Versus Dragons - September 2, 2000
Adrian Drake and Gino Melone take it upon themselves to create stats for two new BrikWars creatures: Skeletons and Dragons.  Here's the story of their adventures.

(note: stats for Skeletons and Dragons were afterwards added to the 2001 edition of BrikWars, in sections 9.3.3: The Horrifying Undead, and 9.3.4: Cave Monsters.)

image: Adrian's skeleton army hypes itself up for battle with a series of spectacular dance numbers.

Adrian Drake's illustrated write-up on Brick Frenzy
Adrian's BrickShelf gallery

We're super, thanks for asking!

2500 CP MegaBattle - September 3-4, 2000
Adrian and Gino give the Australians a run for their money in the quest to stage the Biggest BrikWars Battle of All Time.

image: an enormous (and impressively Freudian) Mass Driver deploys, preparing to deliver maximum damage with minimum accuracy.

Adrian Drake's illustrated write-up on Brick Frenzy
Adrian's BrickShelf gallery

The Freudian implications are staggering

Samurai Versus Knights - March 3-4, 2000
The claymore: tastes great!  The katana: less filling!  The eternal debate over which sword is best breaks out into open warfare.

image: a White Ninja questions his career choice.

Adrian Drake's BrickShelf gallery
Discussion on LUGNET™


Wild West Alien Rescue - October 4, 2001
Union soldiers load a captured alien vessel on a train, and attempt to transport it back to the capital for "research."  Native Americans on horseback arrive in the nick of time to try and rescue their imprisoned Martian brothers.

image: The horses are always the first to die.

Adrian Drake's BrickShelf gallery
Larry Pieniazek's BrickShelf gallery
Discussion on LUGNET™

Trained specialists

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