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By accessing the BrikWars Forum (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “BrikWars Forums”, “”) or BrikWars Wiki (“”), you agree to be legally bound by the following Terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following Terms then please do not access and/or use the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki.

We may change these Terms at any time and will probably not bother to inform you. You agree that this neglectful disregard for any semblance of proper administrative decorum is not only acceptable but maybe even kind of awesome, and agree to get used to it because that’s pretty much par for the course around here.

We all collectively agree to suspend disbelief and pretend that you will review these Terms regularly on your own, as your continued usage of the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki after changes to the Terms mean that you continue to agree to be legally bound by these Terms as they are updated and/or amended.


While the administrators and moderators of the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as their complete lack of interest in your welfare allows, it is impossible to review every post and article, and it should especially be noted that they almost certainly have a completely different opinion about what kinds of material are objectionable than you do. In fact, given that the nominal purpose of the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki is to abet and encourage participants in the unapologetic objectification of human beings into helpless toy effigies for the purpose of brutalization and slaughter, it makes it hard to take lesser objectionable material seriously. When a newcomer is happy to show up for that kind of misanthropy party, but then can’t handle a little bit of questionable language, baseless hostility, political incorrectness, or arbitrary exclusionism, it’s logical to conclude that that individual is either defective in some regard, or not defective enough in some other regard, and in either case better off kicked out. Luckily, in most cases, a number of members will be happy to to inform the newcomer of their shortcoming, and will go on to discuss his (or, on very rare occasions, her) most probable other defects in inexplicable detail and at baffling length.


Regardless, you acknowledge that all content submitted to the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki expresses, at most, the views and opinions of their particular author(s) only, and not those of the administrators, moderators, or webmaster (including content submitted by those specific people; you should assume that any or all of their statements may be part of a long-running satire whose nuance and years of development you’ve already missed completely), and hence they will not be held liable.


You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or sexually-oriented material, or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. However, since U.S. law defines obscenity only in terms of the standards of the community in which it appears, you agree to accept the fact that the existing community already has strong opinions about what is or isn’t obscene, and that as a new member you will have no idea what they are, and that for as long as you assert that your ideas of proper behavior and subject matter trump those of the existing community, you’re on a fast track to getting banned from said community.

Where material appears that is abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented, or all of the above, you agree to remain mindful of the likelihood that it is presented for satiric or editorial purposes rather than merely prurient ones.


Behavior that causes administrators or moderators to become irritated, to be embarrassed on your behalf, or to notice your existence at all during a time when they have nothing better to do, will frequently lead to you being temporarily or permanently banned, often several times in succession. The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

Many of the conditions that result in arbitrary bans are listed in the List of Automatic Ban Offenses. This list is not comprehensive.


You agree that the webmaster, administrator, and moderators of the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki have the right to remove, edit, move or close any submitted material at any time should they see fit, sometimes for good reasons but usually to make you look dumb when you’re taking yourself too seriously. The checks and balances of the administrative system and processes are described in further detail in The Rules.


As a user you agree to any information you enter being stored in a database. While personal registration information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, the webmaster, administrator, and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.


All text, images, media, and other content submitted to the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki are copyright © their respective owners. By submitting, posting, or displaying content on or through the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki, you understand and agree that the content can and will be distributed to anyone visiting the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki, and that this is in fact the point of submitting content in the first place.

More importantly, you recognize the collaborative nature of the BrikWars community, and understand and agree that by submitting, posting or displaying content on or through the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars wiki, you grant members of the BrikWars Forum community a non-exclusive, non-commercial, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, publish, display, and distribute that content on other sections of the BrikWars site, including but not limited to the BrikWars Forum, the BrikWars Wiki, the BrikWars News feed (, and, most audaciously, the BrikWars rulebooks themselves (, inasmuch as you are the rightful copyright owner in a position to grant such license.

In turn, you agree that if you, we, or other members take advantage of this license to use, copy, modify, publish, display, or distribute such submitted content, that it is done only on sections of the BrikWars site; that a good faith effort will be made to credit the copyright holder appropriately, by name or with a link to the original content; that such content may not be used for commercial purposes without the copyright holder’s express permission; that the use of any such content will be discontinued immediately if the copyright holder objects for even the most petty or arbitrary reason; and that, fundamentally speaking, you’re not going to be a dick about using other people’s stuff.


You acknowledge that absolutely nothing about the BrikWars Forum or BrikWars Wiki is appropriate for children under the age of 18, or for children over the age of 18, or especially for adults. Because the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki occasionally make reference to or incorporate independent thought, rational skepticism, and opposition to arbitrary norms, they are also not appropriate for Americans, religious adherents, or people currently incarcerated in a public school system. The unbridled glee with which violence is glorified in its most gratuitous and dehumanizing forms makes the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki inappropriate for members of any species with any measurable degree of civilization or literacy; this is understood to include humanity, despite all appearances to the contrary.

To summarize: You agree that if you are reading this, you acknowledge that you are a member of one or more of the groups for whom the BrikWars Forum and BrikWars Wiki are inappropriate, and thus you are ineligible to complain about their contents because you already know that you shouldn’t be here in the first place.


Most importantly, you agree that you understand that a large number of forum members are going to be assholes to you, because I just told you, and you haven’t yet learned to question everything I say. At first, they’ll be assholes because you’re new, and then later on they’ll be assholes just because they’re assholes. Hopefully by then you won’t take it seriously, because you’ll have figured out which ones are actually assholes and can be prudently ignored, and which ones are just yanking your chain because this community overwhelmingly considers yanking to be the appropriate treatment for chains.


Users are expected to be totally awesome at all times.


By clicking ’I Agree to these terms’ below, you agree to be bound by these conditions.


Lastly, a few words of advice: There are some stickied threads at the top of the New People Start Here, Announcements, and Administration sub-forums that you should make yourself aware of before saying or doing something that makes everyone loathe you and curse your name. In particular, if you’d like to introduce yourself, post in the Introductions thread; if you’d like to post photos, look for the How To Post Pictures thread.


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