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Project Reality BF2 mod

Postby BFenix » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:12 pm


Once in a while, me and some buds still wreck some havoc on BF2 servers. A few days ago I was browsing Moddb and stumbled across a mod called Project Reality. Now, I wasn't really into milsims, like Arma and such, but this mod has something special to it. It takes your typical Battlefield experience to a whole new degree of realism, without being too complicated or difficult to learn.

The mod is extremely well done with the exception of two or three major bugs (but hey, it's a free mod). The installation and guides recall those of a professional-made product and includes a VOIP program called Mumble which you can use to easily communicate with your team in-game using the Num Pad. All for free of course.

It gives the game more guns, vehicles, maps (which are FAR larger), the element of realism, 4 scenarios of historical warfare (WW2, Vietnam, Falklands and Contemporary/Modern Warfare) but most of all, teamwork. I'm yet to see ANY game to achieve this level of comradeship and dependency on your mates and on the way you and the others communicate with each other. Asking for supplies, back-up, medic, fire support, evac, etc... all in coordinated unison. Not even TF2, SW:BF, LoL, or the rest of the EA BF franchise could achieve this, IMO.

Plus, it has a pretty good and active community that arranges huge 200-player tournaments and events, and ultimately, great patches fixing many lesser issues and bringing new stuff to the mod.

Overall, I'm fascinated by the way the PR team upgraded EA's FPS to such a level and I'll be playing alot more of it! I'm spreading the word to my friends and here to see if I can recruit any brikwarrior to join me. Although be advised, this mod is targeted for a more mature public. So if you're hoping for a CoD-experience you might as well forget it.

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