ARMA III Free Weekend

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ARMA III Free Weekend

Postby dilanski » Fri May 16, 2014 6:36 am

ARMA III is currently on steam's free weekend. Spent an hour getting shot by the first three enemies in campaign, found out that literally every button on my keyboard was assigned to some incredibly important, but ill described function (want to change your gun from semi-auto, to full auto, well that's the 'next weapon' key... grr), and that actually I'm in a simulator. Seriously, it has 9 stances, fucking 9! Anyway, after getting shot some more, realising the best strategy is to think it through, as twitch gunplay means nothing when you're exchanging fire from 150m, and I'm actually kind of hooked, as it's a smart game that doesn't require knowing the meta's, or the exploits, which is something smart games tend to do all too much of.

So I wonder if any of you here are more grizzled ARMA players, the combined arms thing looks like there's fun to be had, and I'm looking for a quick in for a few MP games over the weekend.
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