War and Pieces [A Lego Wargame]

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War and Pieces [A Lego Wargame]

Postby redbaron4850 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:14 pm

This is pretty much just why I wanted to create the game.
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About 10 or 11 months ago, I came out of my dark ages when my roommate came home with an X-Wing Starfighter showing me how cool it was because he could build it.  After buying one set, I decided to grab all of my old Lego out of my parent's attic.  A Jeep full of black garbage bags with lego sets inside later and now my apartment seems verry small.  He continued to buy new Star Wars sets and I continued to build the city.  We started thinking about how they would battle and realized we needed some sort of system.  The Super Heroes came out and we just knew it needed to happen.

I have always been a big fan of rts games and strategy games in general.  I liked the features that rts games offered and wanted to bring that to the table top somewhat.  I have never played a tabletop wargame before designing this game and had only played D&D once or twice with some friends.  MTG was my big thing and the local store had a few big tables set up for Warhammer and 40K mostly.  I watched and learned the basics but never wanted to invest in the pieces.  Fast forward to actually making the game because I seem to be rambling for now.

I wanted to create a game that was kind of a mix between D&D, Warhammer, and some of the other strategy games.  I wanted to create a game that had more variance than Warhammer and a bit different from D&D.

The game I have been working on for the past 10 months or so off and on is War and Pieces.

An Overwatch
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As of right now the game is still mostly a concept as I only have systems for bits and pieces of it.  The two things that I am working on right now is balancing, how turns are played, abilities, adding vehicles and mechs and other cool stuff like that.  The game is a bit more in depth as each unit has HP and will take a few shots to hit and or kill someone.  The Unit stats are based off of a 21 point system with 1 being the worst and 21 being godly in every way.  I chose this scale over a 1-7 scale as it works well with D20's and seems to add a bit more variance in the game.  Just as a warning this game gets a bit math heavy but what wargame doesn't?

The Unit
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Units in the game each have stats that are unique.  A basic soldier from one faction can be very different than a basic soldier from another faction.  As stated above units are based off of a 21 point system.  This number corresponds to the level of that particular attribute.  The Attributes that I keep track of for the purposes of the game are WPN (Weapon Ability), FGT (Fighting Ability), RFX (Reflexes), STR (Strength), DUR (Durability), SPD (Speed), STM (Stamina), INT (Intelligence).  This is loosely based off of Marvel's Strength charts for their Heroes as we needed something to base the Super Heroes off of.  It was multiplied by 3 to give it the 21 point system instead of the 7, and being able to make small differences in similar units.  It was intended to be hero heavy game in the beginning, but is proving to be fun for larger squad battles between factions as well.

The Attributes are used to determine the outcome of certain actions in the game such as combat, movement, use of the environment.

The Turn
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The turn is divided up into 3 parts  Attack Phase, Move Phase, and Action Phase.  Each unit in the Player's army can only act once per turn.  This means they will either have to attack, move, or use an action.  Each player alternate turns until the game is finished.

During the Attack Phase
The Player who's turn it is has the chance to attack any opponents that are in range and view of his/her units.  The Player will declare what units are attacking and who they intend to target.  We will roll for each unit, but let's say Player 1 has 2 units and Player 2 has 1 unit.  If player 1's units are in sight of Player 2's, and he wants to attack with both, he must declare that he want's to attack with both of them and not one and then the other.  A lot of players will try to chain attacks if one fails the first time, but it ruins the tempo of the game.

We'll only discuss ranged attacks at the moment.  Back to the prior example Player 1 is using both of his units to fire upon player 2.  So Player 1 would declare attacks and Player 2 would state his action, in this case almost always an evasion roll.  Player 2 will roll a D20 and add his RFX score to the number.

Player 1 would then roll a D20 for his attack with each unit.  The D20 value would be added to that unit's WPN value since this is a ranged attack.  If the attacker's total value is higher than the defender's, the attack hits.  If the total is the same number or in the defender's favor, the attack misses.

During the Movement Phase
The Player who's turn it is gets to next move his units that did not attack.  Units have a movement value based off of their SPD attribute.  Most units in the game will move anywhere from 2D6 to 4D6.  This number is then measured in Inches, (I literally just now thought about the metric system and wonder if some people on here have metric only measurements.)  The Player's units would move throughout the environment taking any path they please until all of the movement is used up.  Certain features incur penalties or use up a given number of D6's.  Once all units are moved that want to the player will go on the the next phase.

The Action Phase
This phase is where the Player decides to use any abilities or do things they could not do in the prior two phases.  This includes but is not limited to; med-kits, using abilities, interacting with the environment, etc.  This phase is pretty limited right now as the game is still being designed but will grow as the game does and most likely be much larger in the end.

I am going to continue working on this as me and my group of friends seem to enjoy it and I enjoy building and designing the game and terrain.  If anyone is interested in learning more just ask questions and I will be happy to post some tables or go more in-depth with some of the systems I am working on or anything really.
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