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Do we switch to / use Roll20 for our campaigns

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Attn: Fabletop Players

Postby Vami » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:00 am

Hello Fabletop players (Read: Silverdream, mgb519, Vami, Captaincamper, Scratch, theblackdog, Quantum, Redrover), I have a proposition for you. Should we switch to / use Roll20 for (some of) our campaigns, or continue with the sacred school of Fabletop. Here are some items to consider for your decision making (Note: Both Roll20 and Fabletop keep chat logs of sessions):

Pros of Roll20 over Fabletop: More visuals, better maps, more player slots.
Cons of Roll20 over Fabletop: Requires another account, uses DnD rulebooks,* planning is more intensive, Freemium**

Pros of Fabletop over Roll20: Our tradition with it, planning is less intensive (less visuals), is still in Beta (not Freemium), all of us already have accounts for it.
Cons of Fabletop over Roll20: Less things to look at, smaller maps, finite amount of players (Eight)

*I'm not entirely sure that it requires you to use DnD rules.

**Accounts and a basic set of minis and shit is free, but more minis are hidden behind paywalls.
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Re: Attn: Fabletop Players

Postby Captain-Camper » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:06 am

I believe you don't need to use D&D rules I'd be down to use it with any NON Scatchiverse games. I believe those games have far too much of s tradition to be played on anything that it isn't Fabletop! Though I'm always open to Roll20
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Re: Attn: Fabletop Players

Postby Quantumsurfer » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:25 am

I already have a Roll20 acct.  I made one real quick almost a year ago just to see how it was.  It's okay.

You don't need to use established rulesets.  There is a chat in the program that uses any Dice Macros you want to set up.  I think all the basic ones are already set up.

Archiving the chat log is a big concern for me.  As long as whatever we use can do that, I'm pretty much good with it.

There needs to be made a differentiation between "system" and "interface" here.  Fabtletop is both.  Roll20 is an interface by default that you can plug systems into.  Games that are already running using Fabletop rules should obviously be kept there.  Otherwise, in theory, I don't see much of a problem with using another interface for games that use different systems.  Particularly if that interface is more robust.

That said, I can't be sure R20 is more robust until we've playtested a session or two in it.  It seems like it is.  I don't care about Freemium.  I have no particular hatred against the model and I don't have any particular temptation to buy in.   The free account seems more than adequate.  There's a big shared player space where you can chunk down images and minis and track changes to them with flyouts and all that but you don't necessarily HAVE to use every option.  So, like, I don't see planning as a big issue either.  It's just an extra option, I think.

To be clear, I love FT.  So I think, going forward, it should be our default.  If you don't already have another system in mind.

Christ, that's all very rambly.


Concerns: Chat Archival, Player Slots.
FT games using FT rules stay FT.
R20 or other interfaces are fine for games using a diff system if they meet concerns.
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