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Axles and Alloys II - Dork Future

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:06 am
by CADmonkey
So while waiting for Gaslands to come out later this month, some friends and I got together to try another "post-apocalyptic vehicular combat" game: Axles and Alloys II - Dork Future, a game with rules loosely based on GZG's Full Thrust.  I brought a bunch of (unpainted, unconverted) hotwheels & matchbox cars and we used minimal terrain from the supply at the FLGS, and I took a few photos:

Axles and Alloys II - Dork Future by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

Rules, dice, terrain & a bunch of hotwheels & matchbox cars (also some dropped weapons templates that we never used).

I saw the skull terrain piece on a shelf and said "this has to be the centrepiece of the table".

First Turn by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

Dindo (Van), Lucas (Sedan) and I (VW Buggy) accelerate from our respective corners.  Some shooting, no damage.

Second Turn by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

I skid, almost going "off table" & fail to line up a shot on Dindo.  Lucas & Dindo exchange fire and Dindo rams Lucas.
photo from mid-turn, before the ram

Third Turn by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

I don’t skid this turn, but overshoot my targets (should have decelerated).  Lucas & Dindo exchange fire and ram each other, Lucas’ sedan is almost destroyed.

The game was called at the end of the third turn on account of time (the FLGS was closing). We all agreed that Dindo was clearly the victor.

Fun, simple rules: three turns in under an hour.  Almost all the damage came from ramming, and we agreed the skidding rules didn’t make sense, but I’ll be happy to play A&A again.