Bigger. Juicier. Plumper.

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Bigger. Juicier. Plumper.

Postby CADmonkey » Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:12 pm

Demo Setup by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

I was at Fandom II, the FLGS in centretown Ottawa, to run MFZ:RA demos yesterday.  My friend Jon showed up, and since he's played a demo before I wanted to run something a little more like a full game for him.  I hadn't actually brought two full companies, and Jon hasn't built his own company, so we had a game that was basically just a larger demo: three frames each and one demo-style station to fight over in the centre of the battlefield.

The station was a cottage in the woods in which two genetic engineers who had developed a new strain of peach* were hiding out, waiting to defect to the free colonies or be captured by UMFL forces.

Jon, upon hearing my explanation, supplied the title for my battle report:

Bigger. Juicier. Plumper.

You can click that link for the full battle report I posted to the Mobile Frame Hangar forum, but here's a few highlight photos:

The Bright Seraphim by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

The Dragons by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

First Blood by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

4th Round by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

Awaiting Evacuation by Bryan Rombough, on Flickr

*Fighting over peaches is a running gag from the first edition of the game, so I try to work peaches into the objective of all my demo games.
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