The thing you all have been waiting for

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The thing you all have been waiting for

Postby birdman » Sat May 02, 2009 2:23 pm

Most of you know of this thread, and therefore of my company's game. During the discussion on that thread various requests for a battle report came up, and I am finally delivering.
One caveat: due to most of my miniatures collection being in a different country (for reasons that I cannot explain here), we were forced to play the game on graph paper with pencils. This detracts a bit from the game, and there are obviously no pictures, so the report may be a little hard to follow at times. I will try to do my best, but we'll see.
So, let's go over the forces. Under my command were the forces of the almighty Terran Empire under the command of Praetor Kaine.

Total force list:
Praetor Kaine
-Laser Rifle
Praetorian Guard Squad Porphyr
5 men
-Laser Rifles
-SSW: Laser HMG
Exodus transport vehicle
Carries Squad Porphyr
Trooper Squad Jorl
10 men
-Laser Rifles
-SSW: Laser HMG
Marine Squad Argus
Drop Deployment
5 Men
-SSW: Rocket Launcher
Green Beret Squad Marcus
4 Men
-Sniper Rifles
Dreadmuch Superheavy Tank
Superheavy Tracked Tank
-Battle Cannon
-4x Dakka Gunz (i was running low on points)

493 Points
27 Models (expensive little buggers)
7 Units

My opponent was my good friend Mike, taking command of the powerful Solar Army! under the command of General Watson

Total force list:
General Watson
-Gyro Rifle
Infantry Squad Alpha
18 men
-Gyro Rifles
-SSW: Gyro HMG
Whippet armored car
Carries Squad Alpha
Manta Battlesuit Squad Delta
4 men (freakin' expensive!)
-SSW: Autocannon
Infantry Squad Bravo
18 men
-Gyro Rifles
-SSW: Gyro HMG
Whippet armored car
SEAL Squad Charlie
5 men
Shock Troops
-Gyro Pistols
-SSW: Gyro HMG

487 Points
67 Models
7 Units

Pre-game thoughts
I am severely outnumbered but my troops have better armor and slightly better weapons. My main strategy in this match will be to sit back and take what Mike throws at me while pummeling him with autocannon fire as well as my Dreadmuch's battlecannon. if my dreadmuch and exodus are somehow destroyed, my main forces will close and attempt to get into CC range.

The game was played on a cluttered grassy field. To the right side were a large cluster of forests (medium cover) as well as a few hills and a corn field (light cover). The left was mostly open, except for a few hills and forests and a road leading from the top to the bottom. Mike took the top side, i took the bottom.

We both setup at the same time (that's how the rules go) and i noticed a few things about Mike's formation. He put his SEALs way out to the left, where none of my units were, and they'd have a lot of open ground to cover in order to get into attacking distance of my troops. The rest of his troops were in the center and right sides of the field. I clustered my troops opposite the majority of his. My main concern is his Mantas. those battlesuits are his toughest units and they will have to be dealt with before they get too far in to my ranks, especially with that autocannon as a squad support weapon. To wit, my green berets infiltrated to the corn field, into a position where they could move and fire on the mantas during the first turn. If they don't do the trick, i will drop deploy my marines right next to the mantas and fire off a few rounds before CC'ing them.

I won initiative and we began the game.

Turn one
I began by advancing my troops straight up, ignoring Mike's poorly placed SEALS. There was virtually no shooting this turn, with my green berets firing their 1d6+2 DMG sniper rifles at the DEF 4 mantas and wounding none of them. In return the mantas opened fire with their 2d6 DMG autoguns and massacred my entire green beret squad. Looks like it's up to the marines for next turn.

Mike moved everything forward as well, his mantas moving up and taking cover in a forest.

Turn two
Again advancing on Mike, my marines dropped in during the movement phase right next to the mantas in the woods, thus gaining the benefit of cover, should any of Mike's units wish to fire at them. There was minimal shooting again, due to my troops not having advanced enough to fire yet. However, after and ineffective volley of 1d6 DMG shotguns against the mantas, the marines' 3d6+1 DMG rocket launcher took its toll on the mantas and wiped all of them out. A fitting revenge for the fallen green berets.

Mike moved up as well. His SEALs took a turn towards the road, but at their rate they would get there at around turn 6.

Turn three
My dreadmuch finally got out into the open on the center left side of the field this turn, with the whippet carrying the first infantry squad directly in its sites. The rest of my forces moved up, but were in no position to shoot. The marines advanced a little out of the forest, moving towards Watson and the other Whippet.
Shooting yielded interesting results, with a poor damage roll on the battle cannon's part wiping out only three HP from the whippet (enough to kill one and a half mantas, i might add) leaving it with 17 HP. The 1d6+1 2 ROF dakka gunz fired at the whippet as well but scored no hits. Still, i could tell the battle cannon was worrying Mike, due to the fact that if i destroyed his whippet before his infantry squad got out, they would all be dead. Return fire from the whippet dealt two points of damage to my dreadmuch (bringing it to 33 HP) and also caused a critical hit on the engine, reducing the dreadmuch's speed to 5" per turn.

During Mike's turn, he disembarked his infantry squad (giving the dreadmuch two targets to worry about) and moved his whippet forward. Obligingly, he moved his other whippet into the open after disembarking its troops next to Watson as Watson moved towards the Marines. Shooting saw the first whippet's brakes disabled and it brought down to 12 HP. The marines were unharmed by the first volley from the infantry squad and managed to return fire with their shotguns, killing none.

Turn four
My forces advanced, hitting the first layer of forests in between mike and myself on the right half of the field. The dreadmuch stayed in place and took aim at the whippet and the infantry squad, and the marines moved completely out of the forest.
During the shooting phase, the dreadmuch brought the whippet down to 5 HP and the infantry squad down to 12 men (due to the dakka gunz' 1d6+1 DMG versus DEF 2). On the other side of the map, my exodus engaged the other whippet and scored two points worth of damage on it, bringing it to 18 HP.
My marines were, as usual, unharmed by the volley of fire from the infantry squad. My exodus lost 3 HP and the gunner's targeting computer, giving it a -2 tohit for shooting. The dreadmuch came out unscathed, due to poor damage rolls from the whippet's autocannon. The SEALs made their way towards the dreadmuch but they are still far off.

Mike's turn saw an end to the first whippet, 3 more HP from my dreadmuch (whippet's autocannon) and 5 HP from the second whippet, in addition to an engine hit on that whippet leaving it with 5" of movement per turn. Watson and the infantry squad again advanced on the marines, failed to hurt the marines, and failed to die from the shotgun fire.

Turn five
My forces finally got within range of most of mike's force and bloodshed ensued. The dreadmuch obliterated the 5-man SEAL squad (5d6 damage and a large blast template will do that); the marines killed a few more of the infantry, while being unhurt by their gyro fire. My main forces of troopers saw an end to the second whippet through concentrated firepower. The exodus is now steaming towards Watson and the now 10-strong infantry squad. Mike now controls the one infantry squad and watson, my having demolished all his other forces. I have one trooper squad left, along with the exodus and its contents, Praetor Kaine, the dreadmuch, and the marines.
Mike's turn saw a huge CC envolving Watson, the 10 infantry, and the marines. This CC ended with the still unharmed marines (!) killing watson and 4 of the infantry, causing them to fall back.

Turn six
Mike's infantry failed their morale check and continued to fall back, disorderedly snapping off shots that caused the marines to lose 2 men and fall back. They were then run over by the exodus, ending the game.

Post-battle thoughts
The dakka gunz on the dreadmuch were quite a good investment for anti-infantry purposes, while the BC dealt with vehicles. The green berets should have had a different armament than just sniper rifles due to their ineffectiveness against properly armored targets. The efficiency of the autocannons involved prompts me to create some sort of battlesuit that can mount it; if it weren't for the crazy luck of the rocket launching marines, the battlesuits would have eviscerated the marines and most likely one of the trooper squads. The investment to make my basic infantry DEF 3 rather than 2 paid off, their efficacy attesting to that.
Command squads are perhaps a better investment than army commanders such as my Praetor - if i had made the praetorian guard squad a command squad, it would have done a lot better and would have been much more efficient than Kaine was in the actual battle.

EDIT: Title changed because of lack of interest.
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Postby Massam » Sat May 02, 2009 9:01 pm

Hmm.... It's hard to tell what exactly I think. Maybe you could a few more examples of the die rolls for some of the turns so I can see what is needed to make stuff happen?
However, it sounds suitable bloody.
Abridged rule books available yet?
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