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DnD Minis Wargame

Postby Cpt. Zipps » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:26 pm

So i was thinking that I'd like to wargame the other day but i don't have enough Warhammer, Reaper minis or anything of the sort and they're to expensive. I do have alot of DnD minis( close to 150, all of my group pools them.) so I came up with some rules for a game, what do you think, I wa trying to make them general enough as not to have insanley comlicated stats but diverse enough that you could have a unique unit.

Units are divided in sizes first( Man-Sized, Giant and Huge, Think medium, large and huge if you play dnd.)

After that they are  either melee,missile or magic.

Melee units can only buy missiles weapons or spells at  double price, missile units can only buy melee weapons or spells and so on.

Combat works on a system of power. A weapon, or spell has a certain power level (dice amount, type.)each player rolls they're power in combat and wohever's is lower loses. Giant units have double the power a man-sized unit would and Huge units triple. so an orc with a 1Hsword would have 1d6+1( melee units have +1 power) a giant with a sword would be 2d6 + 2 and so on.

There are also giant and huge dragons and for a set price they get two natural attacks(claws, teeth...) and a spell changing depending on their colour.

Any unit can be undead. This doubles the units base cost but they can be raised once on a roll of a 5 or 6 and the get + 2( or 4 or 6 depending)

elemental weapons give + 1( 2,3)

I haven't made all of the weapons or spells yet and I haven't figured out flying or burrowing yet but what do you think?
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Postby trebnos1 » Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:32 am

That's an interesting concept. I like the fact that it's simple, too many people just go nuts making custom rules and get completely bogged down.
Personally, I don't play DnD, but hey, I've got Legos :D
I think you should complicate the undead rules a bit though. For one thing, a zombie should be less skilled than the original, and only controllable by a necromancer or something. But that's just me trying to make everything more complicated than it needs to be ;)

I buy into WotC's Star Wars line instead of DnD.
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