Zombietown - A full fledged Zombie Game

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Zombietown - A full fledged Zombie Game

Postby Ross_Varn » Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:10 pm

Back in '08, I made a game that I played with Darth that I called "Zombie Dawn". This was before I had seen ZZD, mind you. After I came back to the fourms, I ran a distilled/refined version of the game called "Bring the Dawn", since Warhead had taken the cool name. :p After that fell through, I promised you guys an operational zombie ruleset to play with. It's taken me almost a year, several online games, and the kickstarter last night of Die2Night.com that got me thinking about it again.

Welcome to Zombietown. This isn't a game [yet], it's just an example/ruleset.

Basic Stats-
Action Points [ap]: Determines the amount of stuff you can do.
Toughitude [TT]: How manly you are and subsequently how tough you can be.
Badassery [BA]: How cool you look as you flip swords around and single-headshot zombies in the skullpan. Naturally, this is how good you are at attacks.
Street Smarts [SS]: How clever you are at knowing skills necessary to survive the downtown streets of Detroit- sorry, I meant post-apoc zombie land.
Survivor [ap] 3 [TT] 2 [BA] 2 [SS] 2
Rancher [ap] 3 [TT] 2 [BA] 1 [SS] 3
Responder [ap] 4 [TT] 2 [BA] 2 [SS] 1
Soldier [ap] 2 [TT] 2 [BA] 3 [SS] 2

If you wish to generate your own character, assign 5 more stat points to the following chart:
[ap] 2
[TT] 1
[BA] 1
[SS] 1

The Map-
Code: Select all

[-+|] Roads, +1 Move +2 Move w/Vehicle, Low Chance Z
[x] Small buildings, Can Scavenge, Can Camp, Med. Chance Z
[X] Large buildings, Can Scavenge, Can Camp, High Chance Z
{u} Suburbs, Can Scavenge, Can Camp, Med. Chance Z
[.] Open Area, Can Camp, Can Hunt, Low Chance Z
[f] Forest, Can Camp, Can Hunt, Low Chance Z
[~] Water, Unpassable [+1 w/Boat], Can Hunt
[@] The Survivor Party/The Survivor's Current Campsite
[abcd] Party Members
Likelyhood of Zs-

In a Turn- A player can take as many actions a turn as he has [AP].

Move: [1AP] 1d10 chance of Zs-1/2[SS] Low:9,10 Med:7,8,9,10 High:5,6,7,8,9,10
Scavenge:[1AP] 1d10 chance of Item+1/2[SS] Small:9,10 Large:8,9,10 Suburbs:7,8,9,10
Rest: Restores [1AP] per # of turns rested. Can instead remove 1CS for [allAP]
Camp [Survivor Skill]: [2AP] +1 TT in square per camp action used. 1 camp action per person per square.
Hunt [Rancher Skill]: [2AP] 1d10 chance of Food+1/2[BA] Open:9,10 Forest: 8,9,10 Water: 7,8,9,10
Map [Responder Skill]: [1AP] +1 move in City Squares
Fight [Soldier Skill]: [1AP] Eliminate Z's in an adjacent square

Players can consume found supplies [water and food] to regain AP as a free action.

When a successful Z check is made, Zs spawn. [Low:1d6 Med:1d10 High:1d20]
Zombies have no stats. They attack.
If the defenders have ammo for their ranged weapons, or have melee, roll damage+[BA] and subtract number from Z's attacking.
If any Zs remain, compare number to survivors [TT], Melee users first, then lowest [SS] to highest [SS]. If the number of remaining Zs is more than the defender's TT, he slays a number of remaining Zs equal to his [BA] and receives a Close Scrape [CS].
If Ranged weapons were used, make Z checks for the surrounding squares. This does not apply to the Fight skill.

If a player has more CS's than [TT], he is Infected. Infected players have a number of turns equal to [TT]+[SS] until they succumb to the Infection. Do with that time what you will. CS's can be removed by resting or by being treated by the Medic skill. If a player chooses to hide an Infection, only those with a higher [SS] can detect that he is Infected. Infections are nearly impossible to be removed...

Basic Stat Sheet-
Name: Ragno, Class: Survivor, Level 0
[AP] 3, Toughitude [TT] 2, Badassery [BA] 2, Street Smarts [SS] 2
Weapons: Ranged: [small] 1d6-1+[1/2BA] 1, Melee: [short] 1d6+[1/2BA] 1
Close Scrapes: 0 0 [TT], Infection Resistance: 4 turns [TT+SS]
Skills: Camp,

Leveling Up-
lvl. 1 kill 6 Zs, +1 stat
lvl. 2 kill 10 Zs, +1 stat
lvl. 3 kill 18 Zs, +1 stat, +1 skill
lvl. 4 kill 30 Zs, +1 stat
lvl. 5 kill 46 Zs, +1 stat
lvl. 6 kill 66 Zs, +1 stat, +1 skill

Skill Trees-
All Classes:
Rest, Imp. Rest [restore 2AP], Medic [1AP +1APor-1CS on another player]
Move, Imp. Move [1ap +1 move w/1 chance Zs], Silent Walker [2ap -SSx2 chance Zs]
Scavenge, Imp. Scavenge [1ap +SSx2 chance Item], Eagle Eye [2ap find specific item 1d6+SS>4]
Survivor Class: Camp, Imp. Camp [2ap +2 TT], Boy Scout [3cp +2TT per defender -2d6 Zs]
Rancher Class: Hunt, Imp. Hunt [2ap+BAx2 food chance], Indian Warrior [3ap +1d6 combat on open, forest; -2d6 Zs]
Responder Class: Map, Imp. Mapper [2ap +1 move -1d6 Zs], City Ace [3ap +2 move +1d6 fight, -1d6 Zs; on building squares]
Soldier Class: Fight, Imp. Fight [2ap +1d6 fight adjacent squares], Sniper [3ap +1d6 no retaliation]

Melee Weapons:
Hand Weapon, 1d6
Heavy Weapon, 1d6+2
Two-Handed Weapon, 2d6
Ranged Weapons:
Short Ranged, 1d6-1
Long Ranged, 1d6
Explosive, 1d10, immediately draws 1d6 Zs to site of explosion
Improvised Weapons:
Hand-to-Jaw, 1d6-2, Attacker is first in line for CS
Tool, 1d6-1
Random Object, 1d6-2
Thrown Object, 1d6

Find Charts- When I get around to it.
Small Buildings:
Large Buildings:

Brikwars Mode-

That's it for now. Comments? Anyone actually read all that? Anyone interested in playing a game of it? I suppose this is more of a "Zombie Simulation" than an actual game with a point.
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Postby Keldoclock » Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:41 pm

looks interesting, but unfortunatly I am allergic to text-based games.
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Postby BFenix » Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:34 pm

Keldoclock wrote:looks interesting, but unfortunatly I am allergic to text-based games.
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Postby jmatthew » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:45 pm

I think this looks freaking awesome! I love ASCII graphics/ text-based games, and the rules set looks pretty fleshed out and playable. I would suggest more types of enemies though, like other hostile survivors or raiders, or perhaps dog or bird zombies, or fast zombie and strong zombie types.
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Postby Ross_Varn » Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:37 pm

Right! I was thinking of that today. I'll have to beat out Raider rules.
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