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Re: Pocket Dungeon

Postby Olothontor » Wed May 23, 2012 9:59 am

knolli wrote:Sure, why not. It's been ages since I last played a dungeon crawl. (That is, if you don't count the Diablo clone I played last night.)

Haha! Awesome. One player is enough for me to start formulating and setting up. Go ahead and review the PD:O rules and if you have any questions, please ask.

Also, pick a class and generate a character at your earliest convenience. You'll have Ross as a party member on this one, so coordinate with him if at all possible.
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Re: Pocket Dungeon

Postby Keldoclock » Sun May 27, 2012 2:12 pm

I will also be getting back onto this dead horse.
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Re: Pocket Dungeon

Postby Robot Monkey » Sun May 27, 2012 7:29 pm

I formulated some custom rules for a quicker version of PD last year, so my friends and I could do dungeon crawls, without the rules we thought of as "extraneous".
(Also, the intro and all that was for my friends who couldn't be arsed to look at the original rules)
(I also added a lot of stuff)
Code: Select all
                                                    >===<Pocket Dungeon>===<

A. The basics--

Pocket Dungeon is a game where you can slay terrible monsters, loot dungeons, and adventure, all on a sheet of graph paper. This game uses “stealth dice” which are a lot less complex then they sound. All the stealth dice are is a numbered pad of sticky notes. You take one set of corners, number them 1-6, and repeat until you run through the whole pad. This is your six-sided die, or D6. Do the same with the other side, but number 1-8. This is your D8. Use 1-4 and 5-8 as your four-sided dice, or D4’s.

B. Classes--

No, not the classes you’ll inevitably be playing this game in. The type of character you choose! You can choose a class, or roll a D8 to choose a class, 1-7 being a class of the same number, and 8 being choose your own class. On the board, you are represented by a dot.

1. Warrior
Health (HP):10+D6 (you roll the D6 at the start)
Action Points (AP): D6 (at the start)
Move (MP): D6 (At the start)
Weapon(W): Sword
Potions: 2 (of any kind) (total of 4 potions at a time)
Armor (A): D6 (At the start)

2. Ranger
HP: 8+D6 (initially)
AP: D6
MP: D6
W: Bow
Potions: 2 (any type) (max=4)
A: 3+D4 (initially)

3. Thief
HP: 6+D6 (initially)
AP: D4 (initially)
MP: D8 (initially)
W: Daggers
P: 2 (any type) (max=4)
A: 1+D4 (initially)
Special: Sneak (3AP) Roll a D6. If it’s even, you can sneak. If it’s odd, you’ve failed sneak and can’t sneak in that room again. If you succeed, roll a D6 again. The number is how many spaces you can sneak. “Sneaking” is being able to move without monsters reacting. If you end your sneaking and land on a space occupied by a monster, it is insta-killed. (Does not apply to bosses.)

4. Wizard
HP: 6+D6 (initially)
AP: D8 (Initially)
MP: D4 (initially)
W: Spells
A: D4 (initially)
P: 2 (any type) (max=6)

5. Bard
HP: 6+D6 (Initially, or “I”, I’m just sick of writing initially all the time.)
AP: D6 (I)
MP: D8 (I)
W: Rapier
P: 2 (any type) (max=4)
A: 1+D4 (I)
Special: Lute Playing (3AP) Roll a D6. Again, Even is success, Odd is failure. If you succeed, roll a D4, and add that number to any of your party member’s Range, Armor, or Attack. (They have to be within 3 spaces of you.) (The increase affects you as well)

6. Monk
HP: 6+D6(I)
AP: D6 (I)
MP: D8 (I)
W: Staff
P: 2 (any type) (max=5)
A: 1+d4 (I)
Special: Chant (3AP) The exact same thing as the Bard’s Special, but instead Heals teammates or boosts their move. As apposed to a D4 heal roll, it’ll do a D6 heal roll.

7. Barbarian
HP: 8+D6 (I)
AP: D8 (I)
MP: D6 (minimum of 3)
W: Battle Axe
A: D6 (I)
P: 2 (Max: 4)
Special: Battle cry: Same as the bard’s special, except it gives nearby enemies -1d4 to their rolls for the next turn. Does not affect the Barbarian.

C. Fudge Points

Fudge, fudge, makes the world go round... As the title states, Fudge points allow you to fudge the rules a bit, by increasing stats or buying stuff. You earn a Fudge Point for every five kills you get.

   So lets say I made a move roll of 4, and feel like moving a wee bit faster. I spend a fudge point that I earned from the last room of monsters I cleared out, and increase my move by one. So then, my move is 5.

   After I’ve increased my move, let’s say I clean out a few more rooms full of monsters, and earn myself three fudge points. As a bard, I am armed with the relatively weak rapier. I’ve had my eyes on a shiny new sword, and with my three Fudge Points, I buy it and use it in my quest against evil.

D. Room generation

So naturally, since this is Pocket Dungeon, you’re going to need some rooms. In order to make a room, all you have to do is roll a D8 for room size, a D4 for number of doors, (by going through doors, you can go to new rooms. Crazy, huh?) Then you roll a D6 for number of monsters inhabiting the room.

E. Monsters

Let’s face it. Half the reason why you want to play this game in the first place is because you want to slay some monsters.

1. The Ork. Basically, your run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen, dumber-than-a-post cannon fodder enemy. Represented on the board by an “X”
  HP/A (yes they are a combined stat. so basically, if your damage roll is more than their HP/A roll, they die instantaneously.):D6 (I)+ D6 (in-game)
  Attack (AT): D6 (I) + D4 (in-game)

2. The Dragon. Now we’re cookin’. Represented on the board by a “D”

HP/A: D8 (I) + D6 (in-game)
AT: D6 (I) + D6 (in-game) Range: 2
The Dragon only spawns when you roll your monster roll has a slash on it (Yes, you’ll need to put slashes on random sticky notes) when you roll a slash, you have one Dragon, and the initial roll minus one of Orks. (I.E. You roll a five with a slash, so you have 1 dragon, and four Orks.)

3. The Boss. The man organizing the whole shebang, and the final enemy you’ll have to face. Represented on the board by a “B”
HP: 10+D6 (I)
A: D6 (I)
AT: D6 (In-game) + D6 (in-game)
The Boss, with his great ego, has a room all to himself. So basically, at the beginning, just make a room with a size of your choice, in the place of your choice, and put The Boss in the center.

All monsters move at one space a turn, so whenever it gets to be the monster’s turn, just have them move towards you, and attack if you are within their range.

F. The Traveling Merchant

This guy’s your stereotype got-it-all-in-my-coat “Wanna buy a watch?” Kinda guy. You buy new stuff from him. Let’s just say he can magically teleport to the player and sell him stuff, unless there is a GM presiding over the game, and he has the ability to make the merchant only appear in certain rooms/areas.


Sword- 3 Fudge Points (FP)  
Damage (D): 5+D6 (in-game)
Range (R):CC
Required AP (R-AP): 2
Handed (H): 1

Daggers- 2FP
D: 2+D6 (In-game, or “I-G”)
H: 2

Bow- 3FP
D: 4+D4 (I-G)
R: 3
R-AP: 3
H: 2

Crossbow- 2FP
D: 3+D4 (I-G)
R: 2
R-AP: 2
H: 1

Rapier- 2FP
D: 2+D6 (I-G)
R-AP: 2
H: 1

Staff- 2FP
D: 3+D6 (I-G)
R-AP: 2
H: 2

Longsword- 4FP
D: 6+D8 (I-G)
R-AP: 3
H: 2

Battle Axe- 5 FP
D: 8+D8 (I-G)
R-AP: 4
H: 2

Spear- 4FP
D: 7+D6 (I-G)
R: 2 (that’s right, it’s a ranged melee weapon. Let’s just say it’s very long)
R-AP: 5
H: 2

Book of Multiclass--- 10FP

Let’s face it. You’re going to want to gain a few extra abilities on your way through the dungeon. With the Book of Multiclass, that is possible. After you buy it, you can get either another classes stats (you’ll have to re-roll for stats) or another classes special ability. (you’ll still retain your old ability, if you had one) The book of multiclass can only be used once per every 10 fudge points. (Spells count as an ability)

Lets say that as a Bard, I’m pretty noisy and the monsters always seem to come and beat me up before they go to my teammates. I feel like being a bit sneakier. So, I get 10 fudge points, and spend it on a book of multiclass, and learn the thief’s sneak. So now, I’m a much quieter Bard.

Potions--- All potions are 3FP! (Potions use up 1AP)

Health Potion: Replenishes 10 HP
Potion of Stoneskin: Adds a D6(I-G) to your armor for one turn.
Potion of Dragon Breath: Give you a D6 (I)+ D6(I-G) attack for one turn.
Potion of Light Foot: Adds + a D6(I) to move for one turn.

Scrolls--- All Scrolls are 5FP!

Scroll of Spontaneous Combustion: Choose 1 enemy. They are insta-killed. (5AP) (does not work on bosses)
Scroll of Teleportation:  Go to any Teleport square of your choice. (Teleport squares are randomly scattered across the board) 4AP
Scroll of Second Thoughts: You immediately change classes. (you’ll get a new weapon, and you will have to re-roll stats)

Spells-- The weapons of the wizard, a portable armory.

Magic Missile- 5+D6 (I-G) R:2, 3AP
Greater Magic Missile: 6+D8 (I-G) R:4, 5AP
Lightning Bolt:  8+D8(I-G) R:5, 8AP, Piercing (If you have damage left over after you kill a guy, it applies to the guy behind him.)
Smite: 3+D4 (I-G) R:2, 2AP

These act as an instant dice-based bonus to armor. However, you can only use 1-handed weapons while using them.
Shield- 3 FP, adds +1D6 to armor.

G: The Game Master

Let’s say you’re either A. playing multiplayer, or B. not feeling like you can trust yourself with room generation rolls. So then, you get someone to be a Game Master, or GM. This guy makes up the story (if you want there to be one), and he also generates the rooms. Also, having a GM adds a new twist: the GM is in charge of the monsters. That’s right, he controls them. No more simple tactics for the monsters anymore! The GM is allowed to do anything with the monsters as he wishes. Also, the GM can create non-player characters, or NPCs to do assorted things like get kidnapped by monsters, or just wander about a village the GM creates. NPCs can talk to players, as if the NPCs were players.
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