Rogue Trader Hombrew: The War for the Bernina Sector

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Rogue Trader Hombrew: The War for the Bernina Sector

Postby 501stCadians » Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:27 pm

This is the Chronicle of the War for the Bernina Sector, a campaign run in a Rogue Trader group with some friends. It was heavily, heavily bastardized Rogue Trader, with people having classes from Dark Heresy and Deathwatch.
We also used two Game Masters, each one being a team leader.


Act I

Bernina Sector. Once nothing more than a backworld sector home to a Space Marine chapter, it is now the front of an unending war against the greatest menace against man:

The Tyranids.

The first wave of sphincter Fleet Fenris arrive in 991.M41, and fell upon the world of Graub. As the Imperial Steeds participated in delaying actions against the Tyranids, no fewer than 100 Imperial Guard Regiments were raised to combat the threat, along with numerous Space Marine companies ranging from a Black Templars crusade fleet to a company of Blood Ravens. Thanks to unusally swift warp travel, most of the Task Force was ready by 995.M41, and they deployed both on Graub and numeours other worlds in the Bernina sector, combating the now ever present Tyranid threat. But now.. a new threat was to arrive...

5th Blood Ravens, on the world of Soede Prime- last transmisson by Company Captian Gregorian
Thought of the Day:  hundred thousand worlds, ten hundred thousand wars. There is no respite, there is nowhere to hide. Across the galaxy there is only war.
End Transmission


Apothecary Fulvius and Sgt. Alexandros of the Imperial Steeds thumped down the ramp of the Thunderhawk Might of Equestria, her bulk nesteled in the hanger bay of the Mechanicus Cruiser Hail the Omnissah. They were greeted by a Red Robed figure, leaning heavily on his axe and symbol of office.
"Magos Matthius."
"Welcome aboard, Sergeant. And to you, Apothecary. We will be departing system soon to make for Soede Prime. Please, unload your equipment to your personal armory."
With a loud CLANG, The Rhino and Predator attached to the thunderhawk dropped to the deck. Muscle bound deckhands moved them aside with the help of servitors, towards large elevators to be carried into the cargo area below. Red robed priests of the Mechancius walked along the whole time, swinging balls of incense and saying prayers to the machine spirits in the mighty machines.

Klaxons blared, and the massive Admantium doors of the hanger bay shut. Over the ship's internal vox, a voice droned-
"Praise be to the Omnissah. Now departing the Equestria System."

2 Weeks Later

Twenty Third of Terran June, The Year of the Emperor 996, M41

Alexandros, seeing the party was loaded up into the Thunderhawk, banged on the hull twice, indicating to the pilot to raise the lamp. The Thunderhawk dusted off, and went towards the source of the last transmission on Soede Prime.

It was a scene of unbelievable carnage. Dead Blood Ravens lay everywhere. Strangely, so were there Eldar bodies as well- not killed by Bolt rounds, or other imperial weaponry, but of the telltale signs of Necrontyr weapons.
The Magos, now fully armored and with a plasma cannon his back, indicated towards the monolithic structure built into the hill.
"The bodies lead towards there. We must investigate what these Necrons have disappeared into."

A Meltabomb later, they were walking into the Necron Tomb, guns at the ready. The silence was deafining. Eldar and Blood Raven bodies lay back to back, with scattered parts of Necron machinary laying about. Any parts that were moving soon ceased to be, to the credit of Fulvius's boot. They came into a large Antechamber, where many  terminator and other first company detachments to the 5th Company lay dead. In the center of the room lay an Eldar, crumpled and broken.
"This one continues to live." The Apothecary knelt beside the body, his massive frame dwarfing the Eldar. "And he appears to be a Farseer. Alexandros, take him back to the Thunderhawk. He may live yet. Perhaps then the witch may answer to us what happened here."
Alexandros scooped up the body, threw him over a shoulder, and clamped off into the darkness.
"I shall do the Ravens a favor, and collect the Holy Geneseed."
As Fulvius raised his arm, the Narthicum drill spinning, there was a green flash. In an instant, a massive blade sepereated the arm from his body. Fulvius fell forwards, and onto the body he was harvesting. The Magos raised his axe, and examined the now solid figure before him: A Tall, thick Necron, wielding a massive two-handed scythe.

"I am Varguard Obyron. You tresspass upon the worlds of the Sautekh Dynasty. Leave now, and be thankful that the mighty Nemesor Zahndrekh considers you an Honurable Foe, Astartes."

And with a flash, he was gone.


Adeptus Astartes Imperialis Alipedes
Low Gothic Name: Imperial Steeds
Chapter Strength: 2500 Men
Chapter Homeworld: Equestria
Equestria Information: Ocean world. All human life supported on Pre-Heresy artificial Continents.
Chapter Overwatch: Masters of Ranged, Mounted Combat, the Imperial Steeds were strategically raised from the Imperial Fists to provide a quick reaction voice to the then-prevalent Orks of the Bernina Sector. Closely allied with the Imperial Navy, they maintain a formidable presence throughout the sector onboard massive stations that also serve as Trading posts for the Inhabitants of the sector.

Soede Prime
Desert Frontier World. Now-Uncovered Necron Tomb world has been Annexed by the Sautekh Dynasty, lead by the Stormlord. The Presence of Varguard Obyron and Nemesor Zahndrekh is immensely problematic.

Varguard Obyron and Nemesor Zahndrekh
Nemesor Zahndrekh is a Necron Overlord and ruler of the Sautekh Dynasty Tomb World of Gidrim. He has led Gidrim on wars of expansion that have allowed it to incorpate a dozen star systems into its fold and is known as a military genius along the Eastern Fringe. Vargard Obyron is a powerful Necron warrior of the Sautekh Dynasty who serves as the personal bodyguard to Overlord Zahndrekh. While Obyron is the well-known bodyguard for Zahndrekh, he is a ferocious military commander in his own right. He also possesses the ability to cut through dimensions and reappear across the battlefield, taking with him any of the units that he commands. It's a great way to ensure Vargard Obyron's incredible skills are employed against the most worthy enemy.

The presence of these two formidable Necrons has resulted in the calling in of the Inquisition.

End Session One.

More to come!
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Re: Rogue Trader Hombrew: The War for the Bernina Sector

Postby Robot Monkey » Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:04 pm

I like it so far! Feels like a good 40K tale. Also, when are the Tyranids they were worried about in the first place going to show up?
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