Tea Party of Doom, Turn 4

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Tea Party of Doom, Turn 4

Postby ikensall » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:12 am

Some people didn't get orders in for this turn, although none of them died this time round. Sorry ex_bajir, your orders came after I had done the turn and uploaded it to the hosting site, and I can't be arsed to get your turn done  :?

Spoiler: show

The Ninja is using the musket as a crutch, without it (or a replacement) he will fall over, he puts on the sombrero...

and eats Vladtron's crispy spider.  :mystery:

Then he throws a flower on the fire, and holds another in his hand. What kind of devilry is this?


The bluecoat did try to stab the redcoat again, but he missed, and the picture is crap anyway...

After his failed attempt to make the redcoat armless, he hops onto the table and kicks the mini brazier onto the superhero's cloak, setting it on fire, which does 2 points of grinding damage.


Jayko throws the lantern he was holding at where the ninja is standing, it bursts into flame and deals 3 damage to the ninja. 1 legged ninja with 1 armour rating?  :csi:

He then reclaims his katana from the weapon rack, and watches the ninja burn  :twisted: .

ALSO: I forgot to do the host's turn (he was going to be played by me) so he died because he was on fire.

That's all for this turn.
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