Battle of Peach Colony 4 Turn 7 "The End is near..I think"

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Battle of Peach Colony 4 Turn 7 "The End is near..I think"

Postby Germanico » Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:18 am

Welcome to Turn 7! Send me orders! ALL OF YOU!
I will try to improve the quality of the pictures but the light might look strange sometimes.

The Assyrians (Natalya)
Captain Germanico has an idea..

He gets on top of the gunship roof and (heroic feat)

He juuuuuummmpssssssss...

...and juuummmpppssssssss!!

Captain Germanico lands on the Mecha and whacks through the front armor. The driver gets killed.

Gunship fires and misses again.

The Black Rifles reach the front now but just one soldier gets in range. He fires and....

Image unsuccesful.
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