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Z Ogniem i Laserem (Turn 5)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:03 am
by Duerer
Polonia (NPC'd)
The Baron fires it's secondary weapons at the 2 nearest saucers. While one of it's blasters overheat, it still manages to wreck them both.

Space Nazis (silva)
The four remaining saucers group up on the frigate. Although one of them gets it's weapon jammed again, the rest can bring it down to it's last HP. They also take cover behind the debris.

Chujewy (Vami)
The frigate fires it's lasers at the saucers, but fails to do any harm.


Remaining Forces:
- Baron missile Destroyer (2/4 HP)
- 4x Gleitscheiben (1 HP each)
- Chujowa Fregata (1/3 HP)

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