Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

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Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby Flamer Shaftglutton » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:24 pm

Turn 16:
The Demon of Gluttony (ninja_bait) chomps down on the Demon of Treachery (Duerer), gulping him down. He fails to do enough damage to harm the Demon of Treachery.

The Demon of Heresy (StalinsFavoriteKhat) stands up and blasts the Demon of Wrath (ReconMiner). He hits successfully, but can't do enough damage to penetrate his armor.

The Demon of Lust (motorhead fan) reaches up and tickles the Demon of Greed's (TheVengefulOne) feet. He successfully throws him down to Ring 1.

The Demon of Greed (TheVengefulOne) gets absolutely obliterated, and the demon on his shoulder is crushed as well.

The Demon of Violence (Bragallot) stands up and fires a couple shots into the Demon of Wrath (ReconMiner). He's dropped to a single pip of health left.

The Demon of Wrath (ReconMiner) leaps into the air and drives his blade into the Demon of Heresy's (StalinsFavoriteKhat) head. He pierces the thick armor and actually deals some damage.

The Demon of Fraud (Scribonius) manages to inject 8D4 of Spicy-Hot acid into the Demon of Treachery (Duerer). He takes a damage, as does the Demon of Gluttony (ninja_bait).

The Lesser Demon of Walmart (RedRover) wants to attack the ingested Demon of Treachery (Duerer) as well. He fires an explosive shot into the Demon of Gluttony's (ninja_bait) stomach. He deals a damage to the huge insect, but fails to deal any lasting damage to the Demon of Treachery.

The Demon of Treachery (Duerer) rips his way out, dealing a devastating 7 points of size damage to the Demon of Gluttony (ninja_bait), shredding him and absorbing a point of health in the process.

He turns his sights on the Lesser Demon of Walmart, hungry for vengeance. He has no problem destroying his second foe either, and is fully healed.

Turn 17 Preview:
The Demon of Greed finds himself reborn on Ring 4. He died before getting to do his action, so he's now at the top of the ass for turn order.

The Demon of Gluttony (ninja_bait) respawns on Ring 3.

The Lesser Demon of Walmart (RedRover) opens his eyes back on Ring 1.

Wider shots:
Spoiler: show




Current Standings:
  • TheVengefulOne: Demon of Greed, Ring 4, 4/4 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • ninja_bait: Demon of Gluttony, Ring 2, 7/7 Hitpoints, 0 respawns left.
  • StalinsFavoriteKhat: Demon of Heresy, Ring 1, 4/9 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • motorhead fan: Demon of Lust, Ring 4, 4/4 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • Bragallot: Demon of Violence, Ring 1, 6/9 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • ReconMiner: Demon of Wrath, Ring 1, 1/5 Hitpoints, 0 respawns left.
  • Scribonius: Demon of Fraud, Ring 8, 3/3 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • Flamer Shaftglutton: Lesser Demon of Bananas, Ring 4, 0/1 Hitpoints, DEAD.
  • RedRover: Lesser Demon of Walmart, Ring 1, 1/1 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.
  • Duerer: Demon of Treachery, Ring 9, 5/5 Hitpoints, 1 respawn left.

Other stuff:
1. Orders are due Wednesday, September 5th.
2. TheVengefulOne is now at the top of the turn order since he died before his turn.
3. Apparently "top of the list" is aliased to "top of the ass" on the forums.
motorhead fan wrote:I hope for more butt stuff in the future!

Duerer wrote:Jump onto the locust demon ahead of me and eat its ass for more power.
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby ninja_bait » Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:39 pm

O shit, lost my spot in the ass....  Well I will go chew on some of those tendrils of lovely bubble gum I can see behind me
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby RedRover » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:23 pm

Save my action and SN die as a defense response
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby Scribonius » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:37 pm

Time to stop the flying! Use three-quarters of my SN dice to clip Treachery's wings! I'd like to try guiding where he falls to as well using the remaining quarter - I'm pretty sure he'll land swords-down on someone, being the demon of Treachery, so let's try to make him land ON someone. Hmm... is this fraudulent? *thinks* Yes. I'm issuing a Recall Notice on his wings with this! They're faulty, therefore a Fraudulent product!  :warhead:
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby Duerer » Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:49 am

Yeah, attack the eyeballed demon and eat him.
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby ReconMiner » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:16 pm

Rip out the cross on the demon of treachery and jam it back down into his month (short end up this time for extra damage)
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby TheCraigfulOne » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:58 pm

Punt that pink sack of lard off the fucking table for killing my demonbro. :fist: :fist: :fist:
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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby Craigallot » Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:15 am

'You want a soft drink with that?' Pull out a bottle of Pepsi and shoot it at the Demon of Treachery. The Pepsi will soak the hot dog and make it inedible, decreasing armour or dealing damage, either is fine.

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Re: Battle for the Glory of Satan! [Turn 16]

Postby motorhead fan » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:41 am

I want to jump onto the back of that yellow beetle and strangle it with my tenticules
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motorhead fan
I want to climb on to thevengefulone, stick my tongue into his ear and ride him all the way to satan.
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