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One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:30 am
by Duerer
Initiative Order (determined by d20):
15 (no tie break since both are in the same team) - Magyars (ImeantToDoThat)
15 (see above) - Poles (RunsWithLegos)
14 (11) - Lietuvan Rebels (Archduke)
14 (8) - Battlegroup Braggus (Falk)
13 - Battlegroup Gintaras (baconquistador)
11 - Outer-dimensional Being (NPC'd)
10 - Blinda's Honour Guard (NPC'd)
9 - Presidential Pussy Wagon (motorhead fan)
7 - Imperial Magikstrate (RedRover)
2 - Battlegroup Tadas (ninja_bait)

Magyars (ImeantToDoThat):
The hardsuit fires at Doras without dealing any damage

Abigél Erös: "Guys, time to bring out the firecrackers!"
On her command, the archers all pull out the one explosive arrow each had in their inventory.

The damage dealt towards the Lietuvan heroes was tremendous. Both Doras and Gintaras were beaten down to their last HP, whereas Blinda suffered some insane critical damage rolls knocking off all HP at once! His two remaining guardsmen are doing fine though.
Vytautas Blinda: "That's it...?! Is this the end... ?!"

Poles (RunsWithLegos):
The infiltrator fires at the AT turret and jams his gun again.

The other Polish soldiers move up and only manage to shoot one Lietuvan soldier on the wall.

Lietuvan Rebels (Archduke):
Leonas Žemaitis: "Eat this, bird head!"
Leonas fires with his big ass gun at the High Paladin and manages to finish him off...

...and then proceeds to fall back heroically.

The engineer manages to restore 1 single SP on the Smok tank but it wasn't enough to repair any of its weapons. The other two rebels move towards the tank, as their leader is already out of danger, for now.

Battlegroup Braggus (Falk):
Braggus sabotages both MGs by stuffing them with junk. Next time they try to fire, the damage is dealt to the trike instead (FEAT SUCCESSFUL).

He then rides off to the opening inside the wall.

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:05 pm
by Duerer
Battlegroup Gintaras (baconquistador):
Both soldiers on the wall fire at the Poles but to no avail. The AT gunner manages to take out the Infiltrator, on the other hand.

The flame tower manages to set a Pole on fire but also suffers from a fire due to a critfail.

The Ceres fires one MG while reloading another one. One Magyar archer falls.

While trying to launch a missile, the armoured car critfails and blows up the neighbouring missile next to it. Due to the chain reaction, it suffers one SP of damage (4 remaining). Two missiles still remain on the other side of the car.

Using parts of the trans-dimensional navigation node, the engineer managed to turn the tank gun into a mighty vortex cannon!

Range: 18"    UR: 6        DMG: 3d10 explosion

Outer-dimensional Being (NPC'd):
Doras moves up and tosses a ligma ball at Abigél, who survives the attack.

Blinda's Honour Guard (NPC'd):
One of the guards fries another archer, while the other fires at Abigél without doing any harm.

Presidential Pussy Wagon (motorhead fan):
Małgorzata Sadow: "Tear down that wall and get inside before the entire battle is over! They already wasted Blinda without giving me a chance!"
Bolek: "Aye, ma'am!!"
The Superalfons fires all its weapons at the wall in front of it and manages to punch a big enough hole through it to drive through.

Imperial Magikstrate (RedRover):
Hieronymus the Warden: "Not under my watch!"
The Warden jumps up on a nearby horse...

...and pursues the Lietuvan Brag clone.

One smack at the back should put an end to his doings for good.

The trike fires its two remaining rockets at the Lietuvan soldiers on top of the wall.

The last flame turret, two soldiers and one marine get wasted by the explosive blasts!

They also managed to put a dent on the wall, as well!

The IM soldiers move up towards the wall, with the three leading ones of them receiving +1 armour through Hieronymus' magic. Two soldiers, who previously jammed their guns, just fixed them.

Battlegroup Tadas (ninja_bait):
The fires on the last Lietuvan marine spread across her body, as she burns to death.

The tank fires with his MG at Abigél, dealing one HP damage while also firing its missile, taking the last three archers out in the process.

The tank is about to fire its new vortex cannon for the first time...

...and critfails! The Artemis tank suffers one SP damage (5 remaining) and needs to fix the vortex cannon next turn.

Kills and Points:
Coalition: 40
Lietuvans: 28

Wilhelm Blazkowicz: 0/3 HP
Hieronymus the Warden: 3/3 HP
Abigél Erös: 2/3 HP
Leonas Žemaitis: 1/3 HP
Małgorzata Sadow: 3/3 HP

Polish Infiltrator: 0/2 HP
Rebel Engineer: 1/2 HP
Smok Tank: 1/6 SP
Calcifier Trike: 4/5 SP
Toldi Hardsuit: 2/2 SP
Superalfons: 7/7 SP

Tadas the Infernal: 0/3 HP
High Paladin Gintaras: 0/3 HP
Valdas Braggus: 0/3 HP (0/5 SP)
Vytautas Blinda: 0/3 HP

Doras the Exploras: 1/4 HP

Lietuvan Engineer: 2/2 HP
Red Knight Hardsuit: 0/2 SP
Ceres Armoured Car: 4/5 SP
Artemis Tank: 5/6 SP



Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:22 pm
by Falk
Things are not looking good.

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:35 pm
by ninja_bait
Oof this is not looking good.

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:00 pm
by TheCraigfulOne
I swear this battle has had more critfails than any three other battles I've ever seen.

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:17 pm
by Craigallot
Man, that was a bad round for the Lietuvans.

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:47 pm
by TheGuyRightBehindYou
I always enjoy brikwars battles like these with lots of death and carnage and shenanigans  :omnom:

Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 5)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:23 pm
by RunsWithLegos
This city is freaking cursed, we should abandon it after we liberate it, encourage the Rebels to start fresh some where not made of Crit-Faildium