One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

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One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

Postby Duerer » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:47 pm

Initiative Order (determined by d20):
19 - Poles (RunsWithLegos)
13 - Magyars (ImeantToDoThat)
13 - Lietuvan Rebels (Archduke)
9 - Battlegroup Gintaras (baconquistador)
8 - Battlegroup Tadas (ninja_bait)
5 - Imperial Magikstrate (RedRover)
4 - Presidential Pussy Wagon (motorhead fan)

Poles (RunsWithLegos), Magyars (ImeantToDoThat) and Lietuvan Rebels (Archduke):
All remaining forces of the three facs climb the Smok wreck and dump all their fire on the armoured car, taking it out!

Battlegroup Gintaras (baconquistador):
The Engineer tries to upgrade the tank's main cannon but has no more spare parts available to make a significant change.

Battlegroup Tadas (ninja_bait):
The Artemis tank fires its vortex cannon at the portal to make it overload and cause massive damage to the entire battlefield...


The resulting impact was mostly contained within the walls however and the tank takes one SP damage (4 remaining). The Engineer also got caught by the blast.

However, the Superalfons also takes 2 SP damage (5 remaining), while Lolek is knocked out and Sadow beaten down to her last HP.

Imperial Magikstrate (RedRover):
IM  forces only move up while the trike drives on the remains of Braggus' mech.

Presidential Pussy Wagon (motorhead fan):
The Superalfons fires at the Lietuvan tank, scraping of another SP (3 remaining).

From this point onwards I just NPC'd all armies to cut the battle short:
Turn 8:
A quick fire exchange between the tank and the Superalfons resulted into the tank losing another SP but also in the limo crew being eliminated.

All Coalition forces move up with the hardsuit firing at the Lietuvan tank.

It's beaten down to its last SP and thus unable to fire the vortex cannon any more.

Turn 9:
The Toldi seizes the initiative and quickly eliminates the tank.

Final Scores:
Coalition: 46
Lietuvans: 34

Wilhelm Blazkowicz: 0/3 HP
Hieronymus the Warden: 3/3 HP
Abigél Erös: 0/3 HP
Leonas Žemaitis: 1/3 HP
Małgorzata Sadow: 0/3 HP

Polish Infiltrator: 0/2 HP
Rebel Engineer: 1/2 HP
Smok Tank: 1/6 SP
Calcifier Trike: 3/5 SP
Toldi Hardsuit: 2/2 SP
Superalfons: 4/7 SP

Tadas the Infernal: 0/3 HP
High Paladin Gintaras: 0/3 HP
Valdas Braggus: 0/3 HP (0/5 SP)
Vytautas Blinda: 0/3 HP
Doras the Exploras: 0/4 HP

Lietuvan Engineer: 0/2 HP
Red Knight Hardsuit: 0/2 SP
Ceres Armoured Car: 0/5 SP
Artemis Tank: 0/6 SP

Final Overview:

With the Lietuvan forces being completely destroyed, this battle results in a

Thank you all for participating in this battle! I hope you had as much fun with playing as I had with hosting it. An epilogue for the battle will be up this week. In the meantime, feel free to post any suggestions for upcoming battles, as it is my first battle in such a huge scale.
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Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

Postby baconquistador » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:57 pm


Well done! Looking forward to more quality stuff!
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Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

Postby Darkstorm » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:44 pm

:studgod: Nice battle!
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Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

Postby Craigallot » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:44 am

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Re: One Shot At Glory (TURN 7, END)

Postby Duerer » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:07 am

In case you might have missed the epilogue to the battle and the entire story arc: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=17278
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