Sudden Strike turn 3

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Sudden Strike turn 3

Postby Ben-Jammin » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:19 pm



The Tempest rammed the wall, and fired its cannon into the base. Luckily, only the medic was killed, although another part of the wall was damaged.


The breach made by the tank was too narrow, however, and the rest of the Calvarians simply took defensive postitions.

Kuragin Troops:


Both of the Kuragin heavies fired their missile launchers at the Tempest, dealing a good amount of structural damage.


At the southern end of the map, Kuragin reinforcements arrive: a spec ops team supported by a ground drone. They fire at the Calvarians and the aliens, but only two aliens are killed.



The first alien team splits and the first group rushes the Calvarian tank, but fail to do any damage. The officers combine their fire and manage to kill a spec ops troop.


The second team of aliens fans out and fires at the Dragari lines, but manages to only kill one of them.

Dragari Troops:


The Dragari troops attack the base, but fail to score any kills. The second team manages to kill only one alien.

Send in turn 4 orders ASAP.
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Postby thade » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:28 pm

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