The Assyrian Empire

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The Assyrian Empire

Postby TheVengefulOne » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:15 pm

Let me proudly present the first of my many cameo factions: Natalya's famous Assyrian Empire.

ImageThe Assyrian Empire by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
The overwatch. A small cameo faction, but one that's a necessity for acting out galactik politiks.

ImageAssyrian Grunts and NCO by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
The standard Assyrian cannon fodder, only slightly different than what you've seen a million times before. These guys wield a streamlined version of the standard Assyrian rifles, and lack the airtanks and blue visors that I didn't have the parts for. Their NCO is a smug bastard who thinks he's better than them because he gets a blue visor.

ImageAssyrian BlaKorps by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
Next up are the Blakorps, these guys aren't quite on the level of the famed Assyrian Star Commandos, but they're still not to be fucked with.

ImageCaptain Wolfgang von Blackhand by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
Speaking of the Star Commandos, here's one now! Captain Wolfgang von Blackhand here was originally an Akkadian marine, but after a chance encounter with a bloodlusted Immortal Maniac in the heat of battle that cost him his eye and his arm, he swore never to fight alongside the Immortals again and deserted to fight for the Assyrians, where he quickly rose through the ranks to his current position.

ImageTanya Windblade by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
Tanya Windblade here is just some Assyrian chick with a beamsaber, nothing really interesting, just a fig I threw together.

ImageAssyrian Super Soldier (A.S.S.) by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
A top secret project only just now unveiled, the Assyrian Super Soldier (or A.S.S. for short) is a highly advanced warrior whose weapons include a prototype Mk. 3 rifle, an energy shield, a beamsaber and a kickass pair of sunglasses.

ImageMajor Thomas Schmith by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
This was one of the first figs I ever put together for BrikWars and I like him too much to take him apart even though he looks kinda goofy. Armed with a heavy pistol and a power blade, Major Tom (get it?) is no pushover and does not hesitate to lead his men by example.

ImageMajor Arnold Slavin by The Vengeful One, on Flickr
This total hardass is Major Arnold Slavin, one of the toughest commanders in the BrikVerse, and a man feared across the galaxy for his ruthless efficiency and for the horrible things he has done to peaches and their notebooks (best wordfilter yet Stubby) with his OTC.

These guys aren't quite finished, they've got a heavy to come, and possibly some vehicles, so stay tuned. Also, consider this the first in a long series of faction cameos I've got underway, this one just happened to get (mostly) finished first

Comments and constructive criticism more than welcome!
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Re: The Assyrian Empire

Postby StalinsFavoriteKhat » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:47 pm

These are kewl! The A.S.S. Troopers glasses make him look like a badASS!!! :studgod:
If the Soviets can't build10,000 ofthat in a day, it's waaaay to complicated.
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