The Principality of New Grenwick (WIP)

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The Principality of New Grenwick (WIP)

Postby Archduke » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:33 pm

Spoiler: show
The Principality of Grenwick was once a major influence in Brikverse politics, their power build around the influential royal family, this family was the glue that held the kingdom together, and their subject's pure loyalty and devotion, created over centuries filled the halls of their lavish gilded manors and the ranks of their armies. But this glory was not to last, when the last known member of the royal family died, the kingdom fell to ruin, the armies and courts disbanded, and the family's immense wealth was sealed away in secret space vaults. losing control and influence over every planet they once held dominion over. Only a few absolute loyalists remained,
taking one spaceship and vowing to continue the kingdom. All hope seemed lost, until a small group of soldiers stumbled onto two second rate detectives and heavy drinkers in a backwater system; Cyrl Cissaro, and his older brother Klienfeldt Cissaro. They were discovered to be in fact, the last surviving members of the royal family. The Loyalists numbers swelled, as they swore to follow their orders without question, which put the brothers into an interesting position, as two drunken nobodies who were now in control of an entire kingdom with a sizable army and an immense amount of gold. For a few months this led to exactly what you would think, two wasted idiots going on stupid adventures (Like when they declared war on the 5th alliance for not giving them free snacks) But eventually the brothers began accepting their roles as leaders, Cyrl was discovered to be an impressive diplomat when he was free from the shackles of alcohol, and sober,
Klienfeldt was discovered to be a formidable tactician. Together they led the Loyalists to a stunning victory against the Grenwick deserters, greatly increasing their ranks, and influence. However, this too would come to pass, as the brothers fell back into alcoholism. Fearing that the kingdom was on the verge of another collapse, their advisers suggested that they take a tour of the brikverse, in the hopes of making new allies, and perhaps leave their drunken ways behind. While the brothers do still have more to drink than the average minifig, they have gained a much better reputation, and have finalized an alliance with the Time Traveling Super Jews, as well as securing aid from the immortal alliance. But their story is not over, as their tour continues,
and their power expands...

More Coming soon.

[Future Group Shot]

Leaders: The Bothers Cissaro; Cyrl and Klienfeldt

Brownjacket Infantry

Grenwick Marines

The Blood Guard (machetes)

Armored Car

Armored Transport
This is the personal transport of the brothers, it is sort of like the pope bubble+an armored car.

Armored Money Transport

Artillery Train Unit

(Note: The Space Austrians are still going to stay my main faction, and I expect that this one will grow a lot in the future. So be patient)
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Re: The Principality of New Grenwick (WIP)

Postby Hiremas Alkerith » Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:50 am

What relationship do they have with the Space Austrians? If they're fighting the Austrians then they'd make for some good forum battles, and if they're with us then that would be sweet...
Either way, they're a seriously good faction!  :<3:  :godwin:
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