Bravery-01 Assault Frame

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Bravery-01 Assault Frame

Postby Omega Prime » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:23 pm

BRAVERY PROJECT Preliminary Report
To: Hideo Tanaka, CEO, Duoville Labs
After deep consideration, Federation High Command realized that they need an anti-armor, anti-everything weapon that would be mobile, hard to hit, and remotely operated. After procrastinating a lot and watching too many bootleg Mecha Animes, they all simultaneously realized that this weapon should be in a mecha format, for ultimate badassery. Naturally, this did not go down well with the Black Ops R&D team, who promptly contracted us and BeiTech to help them get the job done. The result was the Bravery-01 Assault Frame.
The frame is about 3.5 figs tall, and is remotely piloted, combining our experimental MindLink (TM) technology and BeiTech's legendary Drone creation capabilities, in order to create a remote link, that when activated, could not be disrupted by signal jamming. There is 0 latency, as the pilot experiences everything the Bravery's sensors can record in real time, through a use of a special implant, that when activated in the piloting pod, links the Frame to the Pilot's mind. This implant also provides the pilot record-breaking intelligence, reaction time, and perception. There are several side effects, however. As the frame takes damage, the Pilot will perceive the damage in their real bodies, which can often cause mentally-induced trauma. As such, amputees are the best candidate for the program, as they do not have any limbs to take damage with. Due to this, we are quite short on pilots.
Each leg has several motors driving it, using frictionless drives, causing almost no sound at all when the motors are running, suitable for Recon missions. Valuable drive motors are protected with sheets of a top-secret Federation Navy Metal, which is quite durable and light. The feet have stabilizer fins, as designers found that on early production prototypes, the thin feet had trouble finding grip on certain types of material. In addition, the magnetically-levitated frictionless drive has a quite weak grip, which will be improved on in later production models. It takes time for the pilots to grow accustomed to the strange angles of movement, as well. This training period should be shortened.
Side view, which shows the top-heavy nature of the frame, emphasizing stronger leg motors. The exposed sensor package should be moved as well, preferably closer into the core of the unit to prevent situational blindness.
The Sensor Package is composed of a highly-advanced RADAR/LIDAR/Magnometric Scanner dish, capable of finding almost anything within 10 kilometers around the Frame, as well as detect most uncloaked, unstealthed units anywhere else, allowing for ambushes to be spotted kilometers away, and allowing the pilot to call in an extremely precise orbital strike. The sensor's triple nature means that anything within its beam is almost instantaneously revealed, due to the triple nature of the beam. The beam, however, also requires Line-Of-Sight to either the object, the cover the object is behind, or the cover the object is underneath, meaning that it must be extremely exposed. To its left are the comms relays and the experimental Phenomena Generator, which, in theory, should generate anomalies that would disrupt enemy cloaking systems, but it is not functional at the moment.

The rifle is a DRX-72, manufactured by BeiTech, and has an operational range of almost up to the edge of the atmosphere, although the beam is so weak by that point it can only deliver about 10 points of damage, as opposed to the 1 million points produced point blank. It is capable of melting almost anything into slag, provided long enough time for the beam to focus, but due to the limited nature of the power pack, this is not advised. Research still continues on the frame.

Contact me if you need further info.
-Conrad Ortix, Head of PROJECT BRAVERY
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Re: Bravery-01 Assault Frame

Postby Texhnophille » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:49 pm

I've never seen the psychikally-linked mech concept before, that's interesting. It reminds me of those 2004-ish Creator robots in terms of overall looks.
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