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Faction Over-view; NOW WITH NORTH MIRTHAN!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:18 pm
by militaryfreak
I've finally been able to create detailed armies for each of the Mirthanese nations, no North Mirthan yet, but rest assured it will be added here in a few days.

Kingdom of South Mirthan
“No Gods, No Masters”
Type: Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
Ruling Party: Liberale Republikanische Partei (LRP)( Progressive Libertarian)
Population: 130 million
Military Strength: 670,000 (2,100,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 1197
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 7730
Artillery: 2220
Combat Aircraft: 1026
Warship Strength: 79
South Mirthan is the largest, wealthiest, and arguably most powerful of the Mirthanese Nations. The government is a multi-party system, with current seats being held by the Social Lib erals, Social Dem ocrats, Libertarians, and Social Conservativ es. South Mirthan is very modern with large cities, although further into the desert interior, small villages and farms begin to appear. Civil rights and personal freedoms are a cornerstone of South Mirthanese policy. Militarily, South Mirthan is a standoff-ish, belligerent state, more than willing to commit its military to get what it wants. Under Parliament and the Prime Minister, South Mirthan remains a proper contemporary democracy.
(For military please see link)

Democratic Republic of Korban
Type: Social Democracy
Ruling Party: Sozialdemokraten (SD)(Social Dem ocrat)
Population: 2 million
Military Strength: 70,000 (200,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 40
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 850
Artillery: 110
Combat Aircraft: 25
Warship Strength: NA (land locked)
Upon its independence from North Mirthan, Korban joined the OstMirthan Pact with the other new Eastern states. After its humiliating defeat in the 3-day war, Korban has quenched its military in order to stabilize the country. Korban’s civil rights are superb, and citizens enjoy an extensive welfare net. Its involvement in OstMirthan is limited to Self-Defense and support only. It remains stable, however seperatists in the western part seek to rejoin North Mirthan, and ultra-nationalists to the east wish to see the SD party deposed from power. Protests and Riots are not uncommon, but the country is yet to see open rebellion.
While Korban does operate tanks, there numbers are very few. More of a mainstay are its armored fighting vehicles. pictured above, LAV-25, M113, and HMMWV

Korbanian Military Combat Uniform
Korbanian Dress Uniform

State of Tartania
“Duty Above All”
Type: Dictatorship
Ruling Party: General Franz Killian (Nationalist)
Population: 8 million
Military Strength: 600,000 (1 million Reserve)
Tanks: 650
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 2600
Artillery: 760
Combat Aircraft: 300
Warship Strength: 10
Tartania earned independence in 2013 and immediately suffered a military coup. The country is headed by a Nationalist dictatorship civil rights are average, but citizens have no say in politics. Tartania founded the OstMirthan alliance with Vagar and Korban. Tartania remains the 3rd strongest military on the island and forms the bulk of OstMirthan military assets. During the 3-day war, Tartanians were 78% of OstMirthan casualties. The country has since sworn itself an enemy of South Mirthan and of the 3 countries, remains the most powerful. The country has since begun arms deals with china, to oppose both North and South Mirthanese interests, and keep pressure on the offshore oilfields off the coasts.
Tartania has some assets supplied by the North Mirthanese, but much of it exists in the hands of the reserve, the bulk now consists of imported Chinese surplus. pictured above, ZBD-86. ZTZ-59 and M35 2 1/2 ton truck.

Tartanian Military Fatigues
Tartanian Dress Uniform

Dominion of Vagar
“Trust in Buddha’s Word”
Type: Authoritarian Theocratic Republic
Ruling Party: Aufklärung Partei (AKP)(Religious Extremists)
Population: 5 million
Military Strength: 120,000 (300,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 80
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1200
Artillery: 250
Combat Aircraft: 120
Warship Strength: 8
An OstMirthan Country, Vagar earned independence in 2013. The region has always had a rural fundamentalist population of Buddhists. The theocratic AKP was elected in 2014 and greatly revised the constitution much to the joy of the population. The party cemented power by oppressing Muslim and trianglist minorities in the coastal regions, leading to vicious clashes. Laws are extremely moral based, criminalizing adultery, alcohol, and even atheism. Vagar’s civil rights are among the worst in the region. It’s no surprise that liberal groups sponsored by South Mirthan would start a civil war in 2017. With aid from North Mirthan and Tartania against Southern interests, Vagar remains a dystopia in civil conflict.
The Vagarese Army is moderate for its size, having acces to North Mirthanese surplus as of 2016. Pictured above, M60 MBT, HMMWV, and M151 Jeep

Vagarese Military Working Uniform
Vagarese Dress Uniform

Free City of Okinashima
“Our Home, Our Heart, Our City”
Type: Progressive Democracy
Ruling Party: City Council (PCC)(Progressive)
Population: 540,000
Military Strength: 6000 (10,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 0
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 500
Artillery: 40
Combat Aircraft: 12
Warship Strength: 4
Founded in 2013, Okinashima city was a wealthy and bustling port originally an exclave of North Mirthan after the Eastern States became independent. Following a referendum, the liberal progressives of Okinashima city voted for independence. Poverty is non-existent under mass welfare programs and focused policy that has left a very wealthy city-state with extremely low taxes. The military is tiny, but extremely well-funded. In 2014 the city became the target of the OstMirthan alliance, who sought to seize the city and its offshore oilfields. The city was saved by South Mirthanese intervention in the 3-day war. The city is the largest port on the East coast, and a major node for international trade.
Okinashima's Security force is very small, and lacks any kind of heavy armor, and relies on imported South Mirthanese equipment. Pictured above, SPz 423, TPz 404, and Armored Utility Car.

Okinashima Security Battle Uniform
Okinashima Dress Uniform

Republic of Hundtland
“Dangerous Freedom Above Peaceful Slavery”
Type: Authoritarian Democracy
Ruling Party: Joseph’s Party (JP)(Conservative)
Population: 420,000
Military Strength: 26,000 (80,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 60
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 850
Artillery: 630
Combat Aircraft: 34
Warship Strength: 3
Forged in a crucible of bood and fire, Hundtland earned independence following the end of the Blood War in 2017. Hundtland is very unstable, with militant groups often fighting in the streets. The nation is extremely poor, and in ruins following the war. South Mirthan provides aid and security efforts, along with a guarantee of independence. Hundtish citizens regularly carry out terrorist acts against the North Mirthanese, even the Hundtish army, under corrupt administration and rogue officers, initiates border clashes with North Mirthan on a semi-monthly basis. The government (or what there is of one) affords generous civil rights to its citizens, of course, it’s not like the government could prevent illegal acts in the first place.
Hundtish military equipment is provided by South Mirthan on a bullet for bullet, helicopter for helicopter, basis. Pictured above, T-72, Spz 50, and Kw3

Hundtish Battle Dress Uniform
Hundtish Dress Uniform

Federation of North Mirthan
“Unity and Justice”
Type: Federation
Ruling Party: North Mirthan Erste (NME)(Reactionary)
Population: 60 million
Military Strength: 430,000 (500,000 Reserve)
Tanks: 1710
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 6260
Artillery: 1150
Combat Aircraft: 560
Warship Strength: 27
“Unity and Justice”
Type: Federation
Ruling Party: North Mirthan Erste (NME)(Reactionary)
Population: 60 million

North Mirthan is moralistic democracy with a strong central power base. The current ruling party is the North Mirthan First party. The government has a largely reactionary stance. Emphasizing moral and traditional values. Personal freedoms are good, though civil rights are average at best, though still on par compared to other world democracies. LGBT rights are considered far below average. North Mirthan has many modern large cities, with smaller communities further into the desert. Militarily North Mirthan is strong, although like the south, refuses to develop nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the recent severance of US military aid has left North Mirthan in a delicate position. The recent Blood War rocked North Mirthan, and unrest is still prevalent throughout much of the country. Despite a re-organized conscription initiative, and admitance of women into combat roles, most agree that weight of numbers will continue to swing in South Mirthans favor.

Majority of North Mirthanese equipment is made in the united states. After foreign aid was cut in 2012, the north has been dusting off surplus, and working on indigenous upgrades to existing hardware. pictured above are M1 Abrams MBT, M60 ERA MBT, M2 Bradley IFV, M113 APC, LAV-25, and HMMWV

Army Battle Uniform
Army Dress Uniform
Navy Sailor Duty Uniform
Navy Dress Uniform
Air Force Utility Working Uniforms
Air Force Dress Uniform

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:51 pm
by sahasrahla
the vagar tank is my favorite

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by Steel_Valkyrie
I'm diggin' that harrier, man.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:05 pm
by TheCraigfulOne
Awesome stuff! What program did you use to create those flags?

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:17 pm
by dilanski
Okinashima has taste in bullpups, so I immediately like them.

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by Omega Prime
Very nice stuff!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:27 am
by militaryfreak
TheVengefulOne wrote:Awesome stuff! What program did you use to create those flags?

I used its a free photoshop type software. I also took photoshop classes in school so alot of the skills carried over. Im sure theres an instruction course somewhere online

Re: Faction Over-view; NOW WITH NORTH MIRTHAN!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:28 am
by BriksKrieg
I love all those tanks!