Zagorian Systems Conglomerate

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Zagorian Systems Conglomerate

Postby Kastrenzo » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:53 am

Zagorian Systems Conglomerate - AKA Systems Conglomerate
Tek Level 6
Capital: Bardak City, Zaphor system, Zagorian Systems, Gold Sector
Controls Southernmost subsector of Zolotoy Cluster, Gold Sector
Language/s: Galactik Standard, Galacian Slavonik
Sanctioned Religions: Church of the All-Father, Saivors Church
Indirect Democracy, Republik

Image20171122_205640 by dicjacobus, on Flickr

(posted this at work, Closeups and other stuff will come after work)
Faction Index
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Current Works in Progress (Battles, Soaps, etc)
Spoiler: show
Operation Harvest Red, Syndikat Space pirate story, Volhinyan Civil War, Shulga Saga, History of the Gold Sector
High Priority Low Priority Long Term Project

Factions Currentley being focused on
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Peacheneg Armata Coalition, Chernarus, Volhinya
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