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Re: The Council of 500

Postby Omega Prime » Mon May 21, 2018 12:22 am

Good Stuff as always, and I like the workshop background, personally. If it's for a formal sort of thing, then I think lightbox and white background would be better, but for simple armory threads (where it doesn't get it's own thread) the workshop works better imo
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Re: The Council of 500

Postby ninja_bait » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:19 pm

Updated the army details on the OP.

Army Details
Spoiler: show
Counciliar Infantry (31): The Counciliar infantry is conscripted from young men who fail higher education.  They are colloquially known as the red caps.

Rocketeers (12):  The army is led by General Lisbeth Govinder, who handpicks soldiers to join her elite Rocketeers.  Rocketeers are equipped with hard-G jumppacks and a size-2 grenade launcher.

Stormtroopers (12):  For more sophisticated operations, the Council of 500 uses well-trained stormtroopers.  This band is led by Captain Devon Redbird.

Corellian Guardsmen (10):  Guardsmen are deployed to protect high ranking officials and politicians.

Counciliar Commandos (5):  Commandos are deployed into the toughest situations and operations.  They have multi-function weaponry and specialize in different kinds of destruction.

Ninja troopers (4):  Ninja troopers drive around on speeder bikes and kill people with ninja swords.

Flamethrower troopers (3): Burnination central over here.

Medics (2) and Gunners (3)

Security drones (2) and Jetpack Guy (1):

Beastmasters (2):  Aw yeah, this is what you came for.  Meet Wampa McFuckhands, his lil' chompy sons, and the beastmasters who direct his murderous tendencies toward the bad guys.

Pilots (3) and Turret Gunners (2):

Naval Crewmen (7):  These guys also drive ground vehicles.

Naval Engineers (6):

Capital SHIP pilots (2) and Officers (3):  The naval command culture in the Council of 500 is less charismatic than the Imperial one.  Nevertheless, there are specially trained pilots and officers who command the SHIPs of the fleet.

Laser Masters (6):  The grizzled war hero, President Vader, employs his own laser masters as a deterrent to the Emperor and his honor guard.
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Re: The Council of 500

Postby Darkstorm » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:07 pm

Woah I can actually make some of these guys for a coherent cameo army

Ever thought of joining the Magikalennik War? I know I started it a while back but then went afk for about a year, and I'm trying to get it started back up again. You can easily still do your space repair garage (I really like that, btw), since everything for this is in another galaxy. Also, it would be nice to have another pretty active person to make soaps and stuff for the opposing side of the war.  :studgod: you can see the stuff for the 'DRKNS Alliance' in my sig but Omega Prime's declaration of war and other stuff might be a good reference point to go off of if you want to do it.  :mrgreen:

I honestly love your army tho
It's cool  :D  :wink:  :omnom:
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