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[JJJ18]Blood Harvest 7: The Final Chapter

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:13 pm
by Roghex
"Render unto the lord... a great bounty of blood and viscera, and flesh, and make of it a great heap... and from the heap shall emerge the avatar of the lord, who has been appointed to rule over you, and who will bring woe unto the enemies of the children of Solek, and who shall reign in Kah-Namotlan for a thousand years”

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This was my first time using rubberbands to position a minifig like this; I think it turned out pretty good.

Re: [JJJ18]Blood Harvest 7: The Final Chapter

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:19 pm
by Cakeman
The arm positioning is just right for this picture. I like how it's from behind. Ahh, it's time for the crocs, I can smell it.

Re: [JJJ18]Blood Harvest 7: The Final Chapter

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:50 pm
by Kommander Ken
Style – 7/10
I have no idea how you used those rubber bands to do that but that alone is sweet as hell. It’d be cool to see that same effect that you’ve been using to make his eyes stand out in the shadows.

Substance – 7/10
Relatively simple build but it draws in the eye to the central minifig, which I’m a fan of.

Photography – 6/10
I dunno what it is about the first image but the lighting seems strange to me. That second image looks nice though.

Theme – 1/10

Re: [JJJ18]Blood Harvest 7: The Final Chapter

PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:14 pm
by Dienekes22
Style: 7/10

Substance: 7/10

Photography: 8/10

Re: [JJJ18]Blood Harvest 7: The Final Chapter

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:33 pm
by aoffan23
Style: 8/10
I really like the solitude of the guy just bathing in guts. It sets a nice tone with the writing. The arm positioning is awesome. I also like stylistically consistent this structure is with the pyramid from your other entry.

Substance: 5/10
I think this one could have used a bit more detail on the bath thing. I'm also not the biggest fan of the parts you've used for the guts, but it's enough to get across the idea of the build.

Photography: 7/10
As with your other entries, you've chosen a the perfect angle for the main photo. And intentional or not, I like the way it looks like there's a "light from above" thing going on.

Theme: 1

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