Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

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Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby militaryfreak » Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:50 pm

We Are Ancient, We Are Free"
Type: Most Serene Republic
Ruling Party: SDP (Social politician)
Population: 6.3 million
National Anthem: Song of the Svalander

Spoiler: show

The Republic of Svaland is rich and modern Scandinavian country. From the Vendel period, to the world wars, to modern day the Svalandic people have existed. Svaland is an ancient, old state like most European countries. While a republic in name, the Svalandic monarchy is still present as figureheads. The country is dense pine forest and mountains further inland, with fertile plains along the coasts. The most common language is Swedish, with Norwegian commonly spoken on the northern island, and Icelandic and English across the many western islands. The nation historically was 3 separate kingdoms, later 2, than finally unified in 1750. Today it stands as a beacon of social progress, a contemporary Scandinavian paradise.

The Armed Forces of Svaland are relatively small, but reasonable in relations to its size and its neighbors. The Svalandic Army emphasizes capability, versatility, and individual initiative. As a member of NATO, and of the EU, the Svalandic military is intended to act as a single piece of a larger coalition force, able to be placed anywhere. and not be limited by capability.

Active Personnel: 25,000
Reserve Personnel: ~96,000
Tanks: 134
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1402
Utility Vehicles: 1750
Artillery: 80
Rocket Projectors: 24
Anti-Aircraft: 29
Helicopters: 82
Fighters: 54
Attackers: 16
Other Aircraft: 72
Frigates: 3
Corvettes: 6
Submarines: 3
Amphibious Assault: 1 (Shared with Norway)
Patrol Craft: 45

Svalandic Combat Armor Kit (Combats)
Referred to as "Combats" Troops in the field are issued, a helmet, plate carrier, cut resistant gloves and other protective equipment.

Svalandic Winter Combat Kit
In snowy terrain, troops wear 2 piece white overclothes and matching helmet cover to conceal themselves in wintry areas. The clothes are baggy enough to be donned quickly and comfortably. while a plate carrier can be worn under it, its more commonly worn on the outside, allowing access to equipment.
For rapid mobility on rough snowy terrain, Svalandic units are trained in cross country skiing

Svalandic Specialstyrkor
The Svalandic Specialstyrkor (literally "Special Forces") Are the elite special operations unit of the Svalandic Armed forces. The unit is descended from a regiment of the royal guard. While technically personal property of the King, the Specialstyrkor answer directly to the Chief of Staff. The unit is highly trained in advanced combatives, parachuting, hostage rescue, combat diving and other special missions. the units size is classified, although it is formed from members of all 4 branches of service.

Svalandic Sniper equipment
Whether dark forest, or glistening snowscape, Svalandic marksmen are equipped to deal with it all. They use a variety of marksman weapons, ranging from enhanced battle rifles, to .50 cal weapons.
Spoiler: show
Svalandic Pattern 4 Woodland BDU
The Pattern 4 BDU was adopted by the Svalandic military as its uniform standard for all branches in 2003. It is tough, comfortable, and has many pockets for anything a serviceman will need for his day to day work

Svalandic Pattern 4 Cold Weather
In cold weather, gray gloves and watch cap are available for soldiers, as well as matching pattern coat and snow pants.

Svalandic Mobility Kit
The Mobility Kit consists of military issue bags and webbing. Troops carry required uniform items, toiletries, and other personal items in preparation for time in the field. Both combat and non-combat troops are issued this kit. Most Svalandic units require troops to keep a mobility bag packed, should a deployment come up.

Svalandic Army Dress Blues and Grays

Svalandic Air Force Dress Blues

Svalandic Navy Dress Whites

Svalandic Navy Sea Dress

Svalandic Military Vehicles

King Carolus Main Battle Tank

CVR-140 Wolf Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CVR-110 Wolverine Armored Personell Carrier

KF-10 Marten Armored Utility Vehicle

MVK-17 Archer Self Propelled Artillery

KF-7 Squire Truck

AFF-30 Defender Short Range SAM

MVK-41 Ragnarok MRL

JF-27 Raven Multirole Fighter Aircraft
Still undecided about the color scheme, what do y'all think?

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Re: Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby ninja_bait » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:24 pm

Ski soldiers!
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Re: Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby Archduke » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:54 pm

This is a welcome addition to kanon
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Re: Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby Duerer » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:00 pm

Snow troops are pretty sexy ngl
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Re: Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby TheCraigfulOne » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:03 pm

I think the color scheme is good, the black/dark blue helps to make it stand out from most modern armies.
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Re: Republic of Svaland Armed Forces

Postby Kastrenzo » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:56 pm

I've never been a fan of the "Real World Briks" thing,  but the stuff's still nice.
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