(HPH 2018) Galacian "Svarog" Power Armor

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(HPH 2018) Galacian "Svarog" Power Armor

Postby Kastrenzo » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:56 pm

I've decided to submit this into the 2,018 Hundred Piece Hullabaloo seeing as I completed it a few days before it was announced.
The final piece count was 85 on the medium variant, which is being used as the piece for "judging"

Combat Mechs and Walkers have never really taken off in the Gold Sector,  with the exception of the Peacheneg Armata Coalition, most factions and states have stuck to conventional, land or hover based fighting vehicles. However in the days leading up to the rise of the new Galacian State,  between R2011 and R2014,  Small, troop sized power armor was utilized in the various unification conflicts on Elkoss.  The technology was never seen in use after re-unification, and it wasn't until the Arhus Crisis of R2017 when the Galacian and allied forces came up against M-Thronian Commandos and in particular, their heavy Assault Suits. These units proved very difficult to handle and often required heavy weapons to destroy.

Rather than investing in a proper counter to them for the future, the Galacian Imperiya's R/D decided to make anti-material warp cannons more available,  as well as re-open the trials for heavier powered combat armor.

Tachenko, The Commander of the Galacian forces in the Arhus Crisis was one of the few officers in the Imperiya who had experience with heavy infantry armor himself, and small suits of personal power armor were issued to the elite Stalker Spetsnaz units under his command,  but these units were too few and far between to be deployed on a large scale.  So Imperiya R/D opened up a page from an old mothballed project

After a few weeks in the lab,  and a few test subjects being de-limbed,  they produced a new super-heavy infantry hardsuit. Not quite a mech,  but leaps and bounds more powerful than any current trooper class. The Svarog Suit was born

Image20180904_194107 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180904_194006 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180904_194015 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180904_194020 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180831_180008 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180831_175917 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180831_180025 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

The Base Model, stands half a length taller than an average minifig. Is heavily armored on all sides, and is powered by a hybrid engine in it's rear compartment. It is armed with two miniaturized Shuka Machineguns, The Normal, troop carried Shuka boasts the firepower of about 5 riflemen,  and the Svarog carries TWO of them. These pulse machineguns are not relatively powerful on their own, but they can pierce armor, and like their standard cousin they have a pants-shittingly high rate of fire. These weapons are mounted on the suits wrists, the hands are typically not used to hold weapons as the Wrist guns provide sufficient firepower.  The hands themselves are encased in solid metal gauntlets and the Svarog can really throw it's weight around in close quarters,  able to bunch minifigs into a pulp,  smash through walls and even flip over vehicles.

Image20180831_175847 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180831_175854 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

A more advanced variant, named after it's titular weapon expansion kit, called the Skrezhet is mounted on the back of the Svarog suit and powered by it's own independent core. The Skrezhet system includes a targeting laser for more accurate fire on targets, as well as a gunlink system that connects said target system to a secondary weapon, The secondary weapon is usually either a miniaturized Vampir Warp cannon.. or a rocket launcher.  Skrezhets are typically only given to veteran Svarog pilots.

Image20180831_175626 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

The last development of the Svarog suit was the elite Officer version, called the Svigator is an even more armed version than the Skrezhet.  Svigator suits in addition to all the weaponry of the two subordinate models, have the choice of two frightening flamethrowers,  or two heavy autocannons that are held in the hands of the suit

Some prototype designs

Image20180831_134327 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180831_153514 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

An older heavy Combat droid, which the program was based on. This Unit that was just known as the "Archer", never left the Lab and was stripped for parts on other projects around R2016
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Re: Galacian "Svarog" Power Armor

Postby RedRover » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:29 pm

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Re: Galacian "Svarog" Power Armor

Postby Theblackdog » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:46 pm

A nice compact design with a sort of gritty, industrial feel. I love it.
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Re: (HPH 2018) Galacian "Svarog" Power Armor

Postby Quantumsurfer » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:50 pm

Fine by me.
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