Black Dragon Clan & Krokodil

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all I have is anthrax and rage
all I have is anthrax and rage
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Black Dragon Clan & Krokodil

Post by Kastrenzo » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:54 pm

Black Dragon Clan

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Black Dragon is a clan of Scavengers, Slavers and Warriors from the Iota region of the Monolith Realm, The region is largely stripped of resources after multiple calamaties and disasters. Black Dragon are the remnants of whatever kind of Civilization existed in the wasteland. Tek has been largely wiped out in the region, so the Raiders use nothing more than metal armor and weapons. Armed with Katanas, Naginatas and heavy puncturing maces and flails

Image20190415_203540 by Charon, on Flickr
The best warriors of the clan are the Samurai, They wear somewhat crude metal armor, and handcrafted blade weapons, they excel at cutting off limbs. And Black Dragon Samurai charge into battle completely disregarding their own lives, Dismemberment and maiming is not uncommon among these troops, both giving and recieving.

Samurai Conscripts
Image20190415_203654 by Charon, on Flickr
Inexperienced tribals levied into military service by their nobles to fill the ranks of their Platoons. They use metal armor, Naginatas, Katanas, Crossbows and Bludgeons.

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The Krokodil Clans are a confederation of uncivilized beastfigs who hang around the swamps and wetlands of the Iota region, they frequentley do battle with the Dragons, Excelling in ambush tactics. They fight with spears, Clubs, Axes, and occasionally Swords. They're also known to often steal the weapons and armor of killed Black Dragon Samurai.
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