The KA-18 Squad

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The KA-18 Squad

Postby DaCoda » Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:07 pm

Here is the shopping list for my little brothers army. The weapon packs will be used by all three of us, but he gets first pick. The Grenades will also be shared by us all. He is going to use eight of the nine heads sold by Lego one at a time. The Grey cloths are just a base. I will be painting the army and the weapons proper.

Squad KA-18

(From Pick A Brick)

Walkie-Talkie x 4


Prismatic Binoculars x 2

8 Heads

Mini Wig, Crewcut

Metal Detector

8 Grey Torsos

8 Grey Legs

Total $10.46

(From BrickArms)

World At War Pack

Covert Weapons Pack

Steampunk Pack

Crate of Grenades

Total $38.00 (approximate)

Approximate Grand Total 48.46 + s&h'

It seems costly for an army. However, most people have Lego men to start an army with. I only have three Lego men and a lot of Dragon's men I'm already using in my army. Plus He's giddy over this.
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