the Fiery Cretins

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the Fiery Cretins

Postby Bragallot » Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:52 pm

Junatan's Horde: Pictures

Pictures of the total army:




Two dragons, both mounted by Skeleton Warlocks:


The destructive box of fire and the tempting boxe of greed:


The different kinds of desert golem:


A better view of the fire pieces on their backs:


From left to right: the Gripper, the Banner, Junatan, the Guardian, the Kamikaze.


Junatan's Horde: Explanations


From the desert lands of the South comes a fearsome horde of summoned creatures who wield fire and the fear it brings as their favourite weapons, the horde only lead by one mind, that being the malevolent one of a mage by the name of Junatan. He likes three things above all others: burning people, mindless obedience, and power. He secretively created and gathered the creatures himself for filling in these needs because his home country of Kerrat would never support him in his plans to wage a war against the Kingdom in the north. This Horde makes him a traitor to his country, and thus he always has to find an excuse to leave when he's leading them on a campaign. His ultimate goal is to cause a war between Kerrat, his country, and the Kingdom in the north, so he can wipe them out with full support from his side and claim the lands beyond. He does this by letting his servants wave the flag of Kerrat for all to see and manipulating the minds of the few maddened survivors that he leaves at the end of every slaughter so they won't betray his presence, but will 'speak' (read: blabber) of nothing but the attack and the country that did it.


I tried to create a scary army that can be difficult to control and can easily be overcome if played wrongly but has many possibilities and bonuses and can become very dangerous when you're experienced at playing them. I also wanted them to be sizeable enough for a decent, playable fight, which is why I didn't add units from other factions directly. If I can make some more armies of this size I could always have them team up for larger fights.


I needed to find a way to put many fire pieces to use, something I had never managed before. I then thought skeletons were the most useful for that because I wasn't planning on giving them any 'real' weapons anyway. I used blasters to get the battle droids' (desert golems) weapons into position. For the Guardian and the Skeleton Warlocks I used Jungle Trooper torso's because they're still rather skeletal. Since I was going with the desert theme already, I could also put my pharaoh hats to use. The Guardian is a simple design I put on a rotating brick. To be honest that's because I didn't find another pair of white legs and then decided to make a stationary unit.


Junatan is the hero of the army. He is a mage with control over lightning and fire and also has a chance of summoning replacement desert golems or skeletons into battle. He prefers to stay near the back. When he is killed his minions will only proceed to attack the nearest enemies instead of thinking tactically.

The Banner is more than just a banner. It is a stationary standard that helps Junatan to control his minions because the commands are channeled through it. When it is destroyed the minion's mindlessness fades away and they may rout when put under enough pressure.

Skeletons from the backbone of the army. They are armed with standard fire swords that have a chance of setting things on fire. Skeletons are subsceptible to blunt weapons and cavalry charges but more resistant to ranged attacks and morale shocks. They may also go on despite the loss of body parts.

The box of fire is a box magically enchanted by Junatan to explode and set a large area on fire instantly. Standard skeletons carry it, but they move slower than the others. When defeated the box may be picked up by others and it works for either side, but Junatan can trigger it whenever he wants to as long as he is still alive, if he doesn't take another action that turn.

The box of greed is filled with shimmering treasure and may attempt to lure enemies towards it to draw them from their formations and into traps. It is carried by standard skeleton warriors and it also moves at a lower speed than normal warriors. When defeated the box may be picked up by others and it works for either side.

The Gripper is very poor at fighting, but he is difficult to destroy, especially at range. He may attempt to put defeated skeletons and desert golems back together or hold an enemy in place and immobilize him with his strengthened arms. He has an extra arm instead of a head for this purpose.

The Kamikaze is exactly what his name implies. He is entrusted with an instable fire crystal. He can fight with a fire sword but may also destroy himself to cause large damage in a small area. When destroyed, he will also explode, which may make him dangerous to allies.

The towering Guardian is supposed to defend the banner. He holds a fire lance as well as a crossbow to be effective in both forms of combat and defend the banner as best as he can. He is a stationary unit who can only rotate. The Guardian also acts as a bodyguard to Junatan.

Desert golems are the largest force within the horde. They are chosen, just like skeletons, for their resistance to fire. Their hard skin serves as decent armour. There are different kinds of desert golem warriors. The first kind blazes fire from their chests permanently. They cannot attack directly because of a lack of weapons but the fire from their chest deals passive damage to enemies that face them from the wrong side and may set them on fire. The pikemen form Junatan's vanguard, because it's never fun when your leader is trampled into the dirt. They have very long lances with the same fiery effect as the fire swords, but stronger. The last kind uses their strange contraptions to channel fire into their crossbows and fire it onto the battlefield.

The Skeleton Warlocks lead their Dragon Mounts into battle. They are good fighters in their own right, with some control over fire magic, and their dragons may breathe fire too. The chains with which they control their dragons are melted into one of their hands to make sure they remain attached to their steeds even if they are defeated. A dragon may rampage without the guidance of his warlock when put under sufficient pressure.


39 minifigs total: 1 Junatan, 1 Guardian, 2 Skeleton Warlocks, 2 Green Dragons, 17 Skeletons, 16 Desert Golems.


I don't know very much about BrikWars (yet), so if anyone can help me make this army comply with the rules of the game better that would be very much appreciated.


- Junatan needs a white cape (and possibly a better staff).
- Add 11 standard skeletons with fireswords (2 new battalions).
- Write out actual actual stats for them, of course.
- There might be more golems coming along, but it's not an actual plan.
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Postby ltobvious » Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:57 pm

Damn, that's a helluva' lot of fire pieces. nice work on the army, that's pretty large collection of skellies and droids too. I'm liking the classic dragons in the corners.
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Postby Bragallot » Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:26 pm

Thanks :)  Stay tuned, I'm still updating the post with more pictures and will then do the history / army explanation / statistics etc. on them. :)
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Postby Popchik » Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:32 pm

Very Awesome. Is Junatan the one that summoned them?
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Postby Bragallot » Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:34 pm

Thanks, and yeah. More thorough explanations will follow ;)

Edit: Alright peeps it's done. I feel like I could have elaborated some more but that it wasn't really necessary.

Edit 2: After rummaging through a box to find more minifig parts I found parts for another skeleton warrior, which adds a number to their ranks and bring the total up to 39.
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Postby Zahru II » Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:58 am

Awesome and original! I like it.
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Postby Arkbrik » Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:30 am

Nice idea with the fire swords.
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