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PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:00 pm
by piltogg
same brittanians as from code geass?

- please stand for the brit. natl anthem.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:13 pm
by stubby
Warhead wrote:At first I thought they looked good for Buck Rodgers dorky Earth Defence uniforms but who the hell here remembers that.

Oh great, now I have the Buck Rogers theme music stuck in my head.  That's one that never goes away.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:49 am
by Warhead
Hehehe!..  Yeah it goes like... :shock:  Wait! aw, shit. Now I've got it in my head too. Damnit! Quick to the ancient DVD collection! The only way to break out of it is to overload.

@Piltogg: Thanks for the background info lead. Some good stuff on Wikipedia for the Holy Britannian Empire. Capital's name of Pendragon, a bit Welsh but very nice!.. and CELTIC SUPER-KING! Oh, yeah. That's for me. Knightmare frames... Yggdrasil Drive! This is all good stuff. Cheers, Piltogg.


FIX BAYONET'S! The Black Watch Grenadier Guard deployed for action.


FOR QUEEN AND CONTRY! CHARGE!!! Lead by Commodore von Pompous the Grenadier bring electrified steal to the enemies of Britannia.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:06 am
by Craigallot
Black Watch are ossum. Get me one of those ships to blast me out of Starport 73, too, your undead are scaring me :lol:

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:04 am
by Warhead
Vile creatures these undead, what? I'm afraid, not. Dash embaracing ol' boy but you see we can't possible answer your destress call until we've sorted our own mess here. To-da-loo, pip! pip!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:10 pm
by OneEye589
... Whaaaaaaaaaa? The dude's firing his pistol with a HOOK?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:10 pm
by Arkbrik

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:30 pm
by Warhead
Put your other eye in, it's just a prosthetic. They come with manipulative mechadendrites now doncha know. Besides, I was already thinking of doing a full cybernetic arm with gun. You are such a negative person. Your bumming my vibes and inner karma fool.  :lol:  

Thanks Arkbrik. I guess I'll need to put them in the WIKI too now huh. *sigh*

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:46 pm
by OneEye589
Hey, it's a hook, I saw it as a hook. I wasn't being negative, just asking. See, now we're all better informed about what's going on anyway. Maybe you could make a wiki about mechadendrites.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:14 pm
by Warhead
There IS such a thing?  :shock:  Man, I thought I just made that up on the spot too.  :D

Sloopofwar's already been hacking into my mind and uncovered another secret project I've been working on and now you want me to WIKI this too!?. And HEY! I've already been hard at work on the WIKI today AND I've even got some more downloads to post for ZZD too. I'm being worked to death here. It's an injustice! I think I need more beer.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:18 pm
by OneEye589
Hey, I figured if you're already on there, why not? You made it up, too. I just thought it was some lousy hook; you wouldn't want ME writing that shit now, would you?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:21 pm
by Warhead
At least the grammar and spelling would be right though... and I wouldn't have to bother getting off my lazy metaphorical ass to do it either. See, I'm an optimist. Haha! :lol:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:00 pm
by Magic Soap

Pretty cool, Silent Sig-fig

Also, there are of course my Albionic troops, which are sort of like the British Empire's slavers (like the East India Trading Company). The background for them is that in the future, Britain is left behind after all the other nations of Earth, now separated from the UN, decide to start the next space race: colonising the planets. The Albionic are basically one of these companies, out to conquer any planets in their way, failing most of the time due to being British. Other armies of mine include LEGO mockeries of rebelling countries like the Asians and Africans, the IRA and alien civilisations.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:23 pm
by Warhead
Commodore von Pompous has resigned his commission and taken up a much more suitable position as Brigadier General von Pompous commanding the Black Watch.

Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for Grand Admiral of the Grey and presently Flag Admiral, Lady Elizabeth Halifax Northbrook of her Majesties Britannian League Navy, commanding HMS Boadicea.


"Take us in number one, full thrust."
"That's what he said Admiral."
"Nvd, full thrust aye!"



I made the bridge of the Boadicea from grey scraps and bits I had left over. I had to use grey to keep it like the micro scale battlecruiser of the same name. The bridge is a bit small for my liking.

Edit: The idea was to try to give the impression that the bridge opened out into a wider section. The captain sits in a pulpit like an opera booth.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:26 pm
by Craigallot
I'm sure that's something you could also trust Mini-warhead with! *off to work again*