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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:55 am
Skyian Leader wrote:Yeah, this was introduced to my gaming group once, and the rule of fudge did not turn out well...  they abused it a lot.  I haven't played a match of brikwars with them again, they are really competitive.

In situations like that you just have to set the example for them because this is most people's natural reactgion to those rules for the first time.
You will probably lose but just show them that you don't really care of getting slaughtered and that you use al your feats and tactics to create an hilarious destruction and tension filled battle.
Basically you just have to laugh when your hero gets impaled on a stripper pole because his failed feat caused him to get launched by diarrhea spraying violently out of his butt.

In my experience sacrefising your own units for the greater awesomeness of the battle will teach them.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:17 am
by mgb519
Skyian Leader wrote:Yeah, that is a good idea, but it is bound to get abused in our group, and it might even be me. Good idea though, but I think I will stick to those rules I made up un my head.

Just give them high movement (18 inches, perhaps) and treat them like wraiths in Starcraft.

miniscale ships In SPACE!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:43 am
by Skyian Leader
Well, because as I stalk the forums a lot, I have noticed that micro battles are all the rage now.  Micro battles IN SPACEEEEEE!!!!!   So, when I get back from vacation i'll be makin' a sweet micro fleet.  Because all the rules I've seen are kind of incomplete, I will just go and rip off the battlefleet gothic rules.  They will do the job just fine for me and our group willbe familiar with them.  I'll still use the one brick hight equals one minifig however, so scale wont be an issue. I will just modify some of the stats in bfg to fit the smaller scale,  maybe just change cm to inches.  I am thinking about making a massive carrier with some destroyer escorts.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:29 pm
by Skyian Leader
It was 2 years after the fall of FCIO, and the immortal empire had expanded there empire to cover many hundreds of star systems, and first contact with new planetary empires, and even the occasional solar empire, was becoming more of a everyday thing.  However, this one was different.  On the fringes of the empires domain, a starsystem, guarded by two raider class destroyers, found themselves being hailed.
"Unknown vessels, identify yourself, and your faction"

The immortal destroyers, unaccustom to being discovered, more accustom to being the discoverers, turned up there sensors to try to pinpoint where the transmission came from.  The captains were woken, and vessels were made ready to break orbit.
"Unidentified vessels, please respond to the hail."

Concerned with the lack of intel and that a potential aggressor (or maybe more than one) might be out there, and even more  was the fact that this unknown vessel had longer range, if not better, sensor equipment that the raiders boasted.  So they responded with a bluff:
"Unknown vessel, it is in our custom to know what vessel we are speaking with before reveling to who we fight for."

To the raider captains relief, they responded.
"Very well, this the merchant vessel Tiberius of the Skyian federation."

The immortal raiders did not know the Skyian faction, so they sent a transmission to immortal high command (or whatever it is called) to see if they had any previous intel on this faction.  High command responded, saying basically that it was new, small, and seemed to have some interest in joining the anti immortal alliance.  High command also said that capturing a vessel of theirs would prove to be a big bargaining chip in diplomatic relations.  Destroy the vessel if need be, an extra raider will be sent in assisting the capture.
Meanwhile, the other vessel was becoming impatient in awaiting a reply.
"We have told you who we are, respond!"

the immortals pondered over the situation, and why they all spoke the same understandable language.  Then, one of the captains had an idea.
"We are a single planet empire, and we would like to trade with your empire.  We have many interesting goods that you will be wanting to see"

The Skyian Vessel bought that hook, line, and sinker, and fired up engines. The ship began to move out of the shadow of the local gas giant.  The immortal raiders picked up the plasma exhaust from the Skyian engines, and came about to intercept.
"We will escort you to our planet."

"Very well"

The immortals saw that the Skyian ship possessed abnormally large engines and more of an extensive sensor array for its size, which was about as large as a heavy destroyer.  Also, the ship packed light shields, and no weapons.
"Capturing her will be easy." One immortal vessel told another.
As they moved into weapons range, the immortals held off there attacked, waiting to close the distance so that it wouldent be able to escape.  The immortal vessels pulled up side by side and sent an transmission.
"All your ship belong to us, ha ha, ha ha."

At that time, the third destroyer warped into system, directly ahead and prepared to launch teleporting attacks onto the Skyian vessel.  Quick laser strikes from the other two raiders knocked out the Skyian shields.  With shields down, and the ship surrounded, the situation looks dier for the Skyian vessel.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:33 pm
Sounds exciting.  :D

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:58 am
by Skyian Leader
Well, I typed up the next part, spent an hour on it, then I push the wrong button, and it's totaly deleted, and I was almost done to! So that sucks, i'll try to retype it and post it tomorrow as well as segment #3. So now I need to blame someone, and after watching dz abridge ep 24, all I can say is god damn it Napa!

Edit: mr ducky, what side of the conflict are you on? Pro or anti immortal?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:35 am
by White Nun
I used to really hate that.  After I had much worked on stuff go missing once too often I became seriously paranoid about saving several copies of whatever I was working on whether it was assignment work for tertiary study I was doing or manuscript editing for my novel.
It took a long time before I gave up using a typewriter to tell the complete truth simply because I was so suspicious that a computer might go 'fut' while I was working and I'd lose the lot.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:31 pm
by Skyian Leader
The Skyian Vessel Tiberius is in a tight spot.  They had clearly fallen for a trap, which may even prove to be fatal for them. The hull foward lasers from the two immortal raiders have taken out the shields of the Tiberius, and the third raider has now joined the fight, and getting ready to send boarding parties to capture the vessel.  For the Skyian Tiberius, with no shields, no weapons, and surrounded by two raiders within spiting distance of the hull, the situation looked desperate.

"Attacking vessels, you have insulted us with bad overused internet memes, and attacked and brought down our vessels shields.  For that, we have no choice but to retaliate, and to take extreme measures to insure the earth of our vessel!"

The immortal ships, momentarily stunned with laughter in the fact that a defenseless vessel, in both the terms of lack of weapons and the shields are down.  So the immortals got there act together and gave the Skyians an ultimatum:

"Attention Skyians, this is no backwater planetary empire, this is the almighty Immortal empire. We are here to take possession of your vessel!  We have boarding parties ready to teleport aboard your vessel from the 'Iron Fist', and if you resist, we will take more aggressive action.  Our order were to secure this vessel, crew was a bonus."
As this was going on, an panel folded open on the Skyian vessel and out from the gap a large hightech looking shield projector rose into place among the hull. It looked out of the ordinary with the rest of the hull, cause while most of hull is a hog-pog of armour plates, this was clearly a high grade peice of millatary equipment.  Also, on the bottem of the ship, bay doors opened.  Out extended a rack, and attached to that was two antiship torpedoes, which detached and drifted away from the ship. The Skyian Captain made a announcement to the immortal vessels.

"Ah, the Immortal empire.  We knew that it would be only mater of time before our paths crossed. Unfortunately it was so soon, but we have taken steps and precautions for when this day would come.  And besides, this vessel is not the Tiberius, its true colors is the war hawk."

On the word 'war', both anti ship torpedoes, each as long as many cars end to end, activated, leaving a plume of plasma exhaust in there wake.  If sound was able to travel through space, then a thunders roar would of been heard as the torpedoes streaked towards there target, the Iron Fist.  The Iron Fist, ready to teleport a few squads of boarders aboard the War Hawk, had the shields down for teleporting.  And being so close to the War Hawk, almost point blank range, the defense turrets didn't have a whole lot of time to react. The foward facing turret managed to get a few rounds off before crit failing and jamming the turret.

  The torpedoes punched strait into the unprotected hull of the Iron Fist, then detonated in apoctaliptic destruction.  The dual plasma blasts ravaged the destroyer, the heat melting the superstructure of the ship and setting fires and bursting pipes all over the ship.  Weapon magazines started going off, and the fuel tanks blew.  The Iron Fist was doomed.  The hull might be salvageable, and certainly people were still alive in there, but with weapons and engines and all other critical functions of the ship disabled, including life support, it was out of commission for the fight, and maybe even ready for the scrap yards.  

The other two Immortal vessels quickly sprang into action.  Even before the main shields on the War Hawk came up, and not those decoy merchant commercial style shields, one of the immortal ships got off a laser attack, raking down the starboard side of the war  hawks hull, and leaving a nasty scar, and leaving the surrounding plates glowing red from the heat.  Then the shields came up.  The ships were so close together that the shields started interfering with each other and feeding agents each other, overloading some of the shields buffers on all of the ships.  

Thinking fast, the Skyian Captain made a split second dissision to engage the secondary engines mounted on the front sides of the ship used for maneuvering and keeping the bow level when in atmosphere, and move 'down' away from the Immortal raiders and saving the shields from overloading.  As he moved 'down', hatches slid open all over the ship, and extending out of them was dual mounted miniguns on a 360 swivel mount for point defense work . Two on the bottem, and one on all the other sides.  Point defense from the Immortal ships started raking the Skyian vessel with automated point defense fire, while the AI on the Skyian vessel engaged the dual mini gun turrets trained the Immortal vessels as well.
"Alright you Skyian Bastereds, you want to play rough, then we will knock you dead! GUNNERS! GIVE 'EM HELL!"

One of the immortal ships maneuvered there centerline plasma gun to bear.  The beast was designed to operate at short ranges, but chances for a gunner operating the plasma gun at extremely close ranges like this was every gunners dream! The Plasma gun fired, and in a shotgun effect, all the plasma pellets hammered into the Skyian shields. Of the five primary buffers that helped the shield, one outright melted, turning into liquid slag.  Two more were prevented from that same fate from a bursting coolant pipe that fed the now melted buffer, covering them in fluid, which evaporated imediately.  The emergency shut down procedures kicked in, further drenching the buffers in coolant to prevent another buffer melt.  With already 3 buffers offline, one permanently, the five lesser secondary buffers were brought online to help the 2 now remaining buffers defuse the energy discharge from the defector shields.   With 1 raider out of action, the two remaining ones seem determined to inflict as much suffering as two enraged immortal destroyers can.

The situation keeps getting worse for the Skyians.  Having expended theie antiship torpedoes, and having trouble holding the shields up with 3 buffers already offline from one plasma gun shot, will they escape? Probably....

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:57 am
by Skyian Leader
I need public opinion on this story, should I kill off the SFN War Hawk now, or have it badly bloodied but survive this engagement to clash with immortals again?  The only problem I see is, if they are killed off, how will the rest of the federation (yes its a federation now) know about making contact with the immortals?  Sure the ship wont come back, but that's any number or reasons, and its a explore vessel, that is alot of places along the way to check out where it dissapeared off to.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:42 pm
by Skyian Leader
Okay, continuing with part three of the story.  Yes, I do do dice rolling for the attacking and other suff, its not all narrative. Well, it is in story format, and I am describing what happens, but I am rolling to hit and damage and stuff like that.  So anyways... back to the plot! (Also, give me tips, I need them! Like, where the story should go, if im doing the immortal vessels all wrong, so and so should intervene, etc etcetera. Im making this up as I go along)

The Skyian Vessel Tiberius, which the real colors (ships name) was the War Hawk, is in trouble.  One immortal raider had fired the centerline plasma gun point blank into the Skyian shields, knocking out 3 of the 5 buffers and forcing the 5 secondary lesser buffers into action.  Mechanics might be able to get two of the knocked out buffers back online, but it will take some time, and luck.  One more plasma shot into the shields would essentially takesome them out of action. The Skyian Captain could not let them get another shot off that close.  

Also, at this time, two dorsal armor plates slide open, and out out of the hull rose the Skyian main armorment.  Each turret had one bombardment cannon mounted onto it.  They were the smallest kind, the kind that could fit onto turrets and not be used only as broadsides.  The bombardment cannons are beasts, linear accelerators as well as chemical combustions launched explosive unpropelled 'missiles' at the target with warheads larger than the size of a man.  They are called bombardment cannons for they are used in attacking planets, space stations, and capital ships, for they are woefully innacurate at medium ranges, and even short ranges they can have trouble hitting their target.  But at Immortal raider at point blank range? They could hit, and hit they did.  Each gun was firing as fast as the automated loaders could load, which still was about a shot about every five seconds.  Still shots from the cannons missed, but not a lot of them.  

Meanwhile, bother the raider were pouring on the heat with their hull lasers, and launching missiles, straining the point defense turrets and the shields of the Skyian ship.  The Skyian ship needed to gain some distance from the raiders, an fast before they could bring their centerline plasma guns to bear again.

"Engineering! I need us out of here! Step on the gas, engines full ahead!"

The oversized engines flashed to life, and with a jerk, the vessel started to pull ahead and out from between the two Immortal raiders.  The bombardment cannons stopped their firing once the distance reached 100 kilometers, short in terms of a space battle, but the cannons wouldn't have a chance in the world at hitting a sleek immortal raider at that distance.  But the firing they were able to get in had caused tremendous damage to the port side raider (when looking from the War Hawk's point of view.  They had concentrated their fire on that raider, and because they were solid projectiles, the passed right through the deflector shields and impacted the hull. Multiple sections of the hull had gaps exposing many interior sections to hard vaccume.  Many sensor arrays and one of the point defense turret was smashed, and the armour looked like a mess.  The missile tubes on the sides of the ship were fine, but the underside laser and plasma gun had sustained quite a bit of damage.  

War Hawk hadn't walked away Scott free either.  Many armor plates were blown off from missiles that the defense turrets had failed to knock out, and was venting atmosphere in many places.  One of the shield buffers had melted from the plasma gun blast, and two more had been knocked out.  Another two secondary buffers had failed from sustained laser fire, and a fire had started in the hull from the heat from the buffers, but it had been contained.  One of the bottem defensive turrets had been smashed, and the port side sensor arrays had been smashed as well.

Rather let the War Hawk recover, the undamaged Immortal raider gave chase.  The damaged raider turned to track the Skyian War Hawk, and continued to fire missiles and provide laser fire support.  Unknowingly to the War Hawk, the damaged raider's plasma gun had sustained more damage that the Raider's captain would care to try and fire it with.  A misfire with gun would be catastrophic. But with the immortals giving chase, the Skyian ship started preforming evasive maneuvers, about as well as a heavy destroyer can.  

Unfortunately,  the ship's course took it within close proximity of the immortal planet, and several attack craft swarmed out to meet the War Hawk.  The final weapons were reviled, a rotary heavy blaster in the 'chin' of the ship, and a level six gatling cannon in the stern with eight rotating barrels, made for dealing with attack craft. A hatch in the starboard side, opposite of the shield generator, opened, exposing 4 ship to attack craft missiles. (S to AC missiles?).  The fighters, realizing that there was significant flak capacities, had some try to peal off,  while others continued on their attack runs. The dual mounted miniguns and the rotary heavy blaster and the gatling cannon threw up a impressive cloud of flak, but the fighters punched through.  

Most of the banshee dakka fighters were destroyed first due to the light armor they had.  But the ones that did get through wreaked havoc with their multiple guns.  Most of the Magog strike fighters pealed off, their guns would not be of much use in this fight.  The ones that didn't peal off staid in formation with the blackstar fighter bomber, sacrificing themselves so that the fighterbombers could to there job.  The blackstar fighter bomber formation came up and simutaniusly launched there payloads and fell of the attack run.  The momentum of the fighter bombers and the missiles velocity alowed the bombs to 'punch' a good way through the armour before they detonated, blowing off huge chunks of armor plating and leaving gaping craters in the hull.  

At that point the attack craft withdrew back to there planet, bombs expended, and sticking around much ponder would just result in more of them being seated out of the sky.  Then, the 4 missiles in the hull launched, trailing after the attack craft, ensuring that even more of the pilots wouldn't be returning home.  The War Hawk was in bad shape.  The bombardment cannons survived unscathed due to the fact that they had retracted back into the hull before the attackcraft started their attack run.  The two beam turrets survied for that reason as well.  The rotary heavy blaster cannon in the front had protected the front and the bridge from fire from the attack craft, and the 8 barreled gatling cannon had struck down over a dozen immortal fighters of all types in the cold effecency of an AI.  However, the damage caused by the fighter bombers was devastating. Most of the port side armor was blown off, and some of the internal workings was reviled.  The War Hawk was leaking atmosphere and fluids from many sources.  And what was worse, the bay door for one of the bombardment cannons was broken and fractured, and wouldn't retract for when the turret needed to deploy.

The Immortal raider was now gaining fast, for some of the liquid leaking was coolant for the reactors.  The engineers would be able to stem the leak, but reactor 2 would be offline in order for the reactor 3 and primary reactor #1 to have enough coolant to prevent an over heating.  If the war hawk was going to surrender, it would need to find another way than broadcasting, for a banshee had smashed the communications relay.  Engineers hadn't made any progress on the buffers, for they had been couped up with the reactors leaking.  The War Hawk had go escape the gravity well of the solar system before it could jump to FTL,  and with an engine down, the Immortal raider could run circles around them.

  The Skyian Captain had only one trick up his sleeve left, and it had to do with two, 37 size one missiles, missile pods in the front of the ship, that fold out.  The catch is that the ship needs to face the immortal vessel to get a lock on, and the individual missiles wouldn't do much damage, and they would need all 74 to launch in order to swamp the point defense turrets and cause enough combined fire damage to, well, cause damage.  And one more thing.  The port missile pod might be disabled from the fighter bonnet attack run on that side of the ship.  So, with all of these one shot missiles, the Captain had only one shot at this.  And facing the opponent did not help the running away part.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:27 pm
by Hoboman
Just a little constructive criticism. When you have these large blocks of text, break them up into paragraphs.

It will make it easier to read and more people will take the time to read it. When it is just a wall of words people tend to pass it over.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:40 pm
by Silverdream
Hoboman wrote:Just a little constructive criticism. When you have these large blocks ot text, break them up into paragraphs.

It will make it easier to read and more people will take the time to read it. When it is just a wall of words peole tend to pass it over.


PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:10 pm
by Skyian Leader

Yeah, trying to post that like, almost broke my phone.  It took five minutes to load the plate after that, so im going to wait until I get a real computer to do that.  Thanks for the tip.[/list]

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:00 pm
by Paco
Use one at a library.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:44 pm
by Skyian Leader
There is, like, one library at houghton lake, and it is quite a ways away.  Ill be home after the 4th, so I can fix it then.  Any comments on how the story is going so far?