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Postby dilanski » Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:32 am

Warhead wrote:I was wondering that one myself. We'll, you've done a great job on the Armoured Car and it looks just right but there are some bit's of the tank that need something. Greebles (chains and vents and stuff) on the sides and front of the tank, maybe? It might help break up all that lovely clean white and grey. You could stopper the back of the tanks missile launcher with a 2x2 plate so it doesn't look empty from the back.
Greebling is something I've had a look at but haven't managed to replicate well yet, except in that bombed out factory of mine, maybe. The interior could use some compartments instead of one long narrow room and some greeble details, even though you can't see them it still adds to the model.

Why didn't I think of this? I really need to build more...
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