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Postby Alex » Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:37 pm

One of my Sig Figs is Lord Godfrey:
He leads the northern garrison, an army of grizzled veteran warriors who have had to pretty much constantly had to fight off viking raids and other barbarian invasions. They have taken on aspects of their enemies over the years, and as such are somewhat more 'barbaric' than the average medieval soldier. Lord Godfrey is no exception. He can go into a berserk rage like the fabled warriors of the North that they fight, able to take more damage as well as deal out more. He is skilled with most melee weapons, particularly sword and lance, but disregards ranged weapons as 'coward's tools'. He is also a good rider. he is a skilled general who leads from the front lines. His preferred method of attack, frontal assaults, can sometimes cause heavy casualties on his side.Lord Godfrey is very courageous however, and will fight against seemingly impossible odds to emerge victorious.
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