A Special Announcement by the AN

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A Special Announcement by the AN

Postby Colette » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:00 pm

The Syrias star system was a desolate and desparate place, torn apart by a year of civil war under the despot Bashtard Al-Ass-ad. The citizens had given up hope of overthrowing Ass-ad, laid down their weapons, and stopped fighting.

Meanwhile, in the AN Security Council, the USSSR and the Immortal Empire staunchly refused to authorize any form of military support for the rebels-however, they relented when the USA, Brittannia, and Assyria proposed providing “humanitarian” aid.

Now, we will witness one example of the grand work of the AN as this APC rolls into this lucky Syriasian town.

The AN diplomat and his ambassadorial guards disembark.

The diplomat then begins his speech.

“Dear citizens of Syrias,

I understand that while many of you are disheartened by the astounding degree to which the Ass-ad regime has crushed you, we people at the AN cannot allow him to crush your inner desire for violence. Ass-ad’s forced pacification of his citizens, such as you, is a grave war crime. We have been deployed to encourage you to take up arms once more and continue fighting.”

The AN then proceeds to hand out packs of free beer and metal records.

As the AN APC rumbles away, the townsmen are fired up and begin grabbing random objects to combat the oppressive Ass-ad regime. Events such as this are happening all around Syrias and reigniting the flame of the Ass-ad resistance.

As for the actual AN APC itself, the front wheels have suspension and it has a cargo/medbay in the bottom.
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