Omega-Class Assault Shuttle

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Omega-Class Assault Shuttle

Postby IX_Legion » Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:44 am

NOTE: yes, this is a variant off of an old lego model. It is in the star wars universe.

The Imperial army was in need of a reliable way to get stormtroopers into a hot LZ. The Lambda class shuttle, while it performed the duties it was designed for admirably, was not designed to withstand hostile fire or break open hard targets in support of infantry attacks. Thus, Imperial designers heavily modified the venerable Lambda design, and created the Omega class Assault Shuttle.

In addition to the battery of light anti-personnel lasers the original shuttle carried as its only armament, the Omega mounts a pair of Equalizer Heavy Ion Guns. the smaller lasers above each ion cannon are targeting devices, but their power can be increased to burn through even light armor should the need arise.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the lack of the huge, distinguishing dorsal fin. This was removed to make room for a pair of roof-mounted lasers. These give 360 degree firepower on attack runs, and give debarking infantry covering fire. The removal of the fin makes the Omega faster, but means the pilot must concentrate more to keep the shuttle under control. Several prototypes and pilots were lost in the testing phase.

In order to add some long-range firepower, designers added a pair of wing-mounted Longbow Missiles, capable of taking down armored targets at a distance. Four Wolverine Area Defense Rockets line the troop compartment. These weapons fire vertically, before angling outward and sending a deadly hail of shrapnel back down. Enemy infantry have learned to fear the Wolverines, and no longer come too close to a landed Omega.

Under the wings, the Omega carries two small bomb bays, each carrying three small but high-yield fusion bombs, which are used to soften up a LZ before touching down.

Yes, the bombs do actually fit in the bays.

Here, you can see the troop compartment of the Omega. Two light autocannons also provide covering fire for the troops carried within.

There is no way a pilot could concentrate on both flying the shuttle and firing all of these weapons, so the cockpit was expanded and a gunner was added to the crew. He operates the missiles, rockets, and top turret, while the pilot controls the forward lasers and ion guns.

A shot of the Omega in action. All who face her fear the might of the Empire!

So, what do you think?
This should be in the Rulebook somewhere:

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Re: Omega-Class Assault Shuttle

Postby Ben-Jammin » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:01 pm

Turning the Lambda-class into a dedicated gunboat? Very brikwarsy indeed!  :guinness:
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