"Minecraft Quickies"

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"Minecraft Quickies"

Postby Olothontor » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:33 pm

So, now that all of this nonsense with FyreUK has boiled down... I'm not really done building. I don't want to fiddle with Sentinel anymore, and Stormside City looks worse every time I load the map.

It occurred to me earlier this evening that I could apply the same basic concept of some of my former Microspace builds to Minecraft with generally the same effect. Thus comes the idea for Minecraft Quickies.

A Minecraft Quickie is a 45-minute building skill test, sortof like a speedpainting. Pop open Minecraft, load up a new Creative-mode world with whatever seed strikes your fancy, and start your timer. Build something. When the timer goes off, stop construction and snap a few screenshots if it's worth anything.

This thread is for posting those screenshots, mates. Have fun! I'll be posting my own in a little while to get us rolling. If you land upon a particularly cool or noteworthy map, be sure to post the seed! It's always good to have a cache of neat seeds at your disposal.
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