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Postby SnakeMittens » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:38 pm

Since we have an RP server, we might as well have backstory.

SnakeMittens wrote:SnakeMittens is a Hero, and the son of They Who Build; Fyreuk. He gave up adventuring in times long gone by, and settled down to build, as is the call of all who follow Fyreuk. His efforts have resulted in the town of Derevnya.

In the first world, SnakeMittens was known as Baron Crotalus. He was the right-hand man of Rex Fenix, lord of Ironfall. With the help of Father Xathrix and JBGarrison, he wrought a mighty fortress, from which he operated. He created airships, and killed many monsters. But then the war between Ironfall and Tempersia resulted in the destruction of the world.

A new world rose from the ashes of the old. Ironfall survived; Tempersia did not. A new dwarven city arose, to be the rival of Ironfall. Then the power of a Shard was revealed. The follower of Herobrine, Sess, corrupted a Shard, causing the destruction of Ironfall. Rex Fenix was missing, Ironfall was deemed too far gone to be repaired by the Baron, and so he left to study at the Akademika Magika.
Ironfall did rise again, but as a vassal state to the dwarven city.

Once again, a great cataclysm shook the world, destroying it. Enter the third world. All survivors banded together to create Brikhalls, the home of the Brikwarriors. Brikhalls rose to power, but an act of treachery destroyed it.

Brikhalls still exists, and it still has inhabitants, but it is no longer at its former glory. The people have scattered into various settlements around the world, one of which is Derevnya.

Derevnya is a city on the rise, and has been the center of many of the recent events. It has been invaded twice, and nearly destroyed once. A horde of skeletons broke down the main gate and proceeded to kill some of the inhabitants of Derevnya, but the god of Trains, Das Pirate, arrived and gifted Derevnya with 4 Iron Golems, which proceeded to wipe out the skeleton hordes. Days later, Derevnya was invaded by Testificates. No-one knows where they came from, but the village was suddenly full of them. The heroes of Derevnya banded together and managed to slay every one of the invaders.

Nearby, the god of Chaos, Batman, had created his lair. An inquisitor of Order, Stetson, arrived to do battle, taking Oreosome with him. They nearly failed, but Matthewbri arrived in time, and banished Batman to the End, and his chaos-spawn Moh to the nether. Stetson, however, was dragged in with him, and perished.
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Re: Backstories

Postby RunsWithLegos » Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:49 pm

Ryer is the son of a priest, Bendric, who in turn was a son of a priest, one named Xathrix. in the days and lands of iron fall he set down roots in a town he founded, Birchdale, home to the church of the mother Terra. he toiled and worked to raise the town high and connect it with the wide world, but was left broken when the people of the main land threw down the town, burning it's bridge and bombing the chapel 's sanctum. Ryer moved to the growing land of Iron fall to serve the Baron, and helped forged moorland keep, the seat of the barons power. he lead the people in prayer and helped to bring light to the world, and when everything seemed to be set to rights, the cataclysm tore the land asunder.

while others fought the Armageddon and survived or died Xathrix was thrown into a rift when moorland keep collapsed into the earth. the rift took him whole and snapped shut. slamming him into the END, a abyssal hell inhabited by the DRAGON. for a time the dragon left Xathrix alone, seeing as all the human did was wander aimlessly and shit it's self. but when xathrix started his rituals, he brought the baleful gaze down upon himself. Xathrix toiled to find the stitches and snags in the walls of reality, looking for a way out of the END. the dragon, who had for the longest time believed his home to be the whole of everything, planted seeds of the end into the unknowing Xathrix, tainting him mind and soul. as the work continued the walls thinned, and creatures began to fill the abyss, great black monsters, mad of abyssal dust and roughly hewn into the shape of men. they could not bear to be looked upon, for recognition of their existance gave them great pain, so xathrix learned to keep his head down, never again to gaze at the motes of light in the distance.

for years ordecades Xath toiled and was slowly imbued with the end. making him the first of the EndTouched. when finally he gathered the snags of reality and tare a hole to the real world, the first truly stable of it's kind, his eye shone a sick purple and his blood a thick black. he left the dragon and it's world behind, but never escaped it's grasp. the land around the portal bled and withered. the peoples around where warped. he tried to re awaken the gifts of terra on this new world and set up another village, far from the portal, now in ruins and corrupted by the end, this village is one of many brought down by the unknowing priest. his sons and grand sons are now all that remains of those homes, some give in, but some like ryer fight the taint and seak to destroy it once and for all.

The dragon was given a way out, too small for now, but with the help of his minions, crafted and corrupted, he would be FREE.

The ENDER DRAGON is a god like being, born of the void. It knows nothing but hunger, it's realm is a bleak one filled with it's constructions and it's servants, but it bores the DRAGON beyond mortal comprehension, thus it is constantly trying to escape, slamming into the walls of reality, looking for a weakness. In the Real world there are some places that the DRAGON has weakened the walls, these places are imbued with it's essence, tainting the land and those who live off it.

the humans touched by the END come in three types:
EndTouched: the first generation- those who where not born into the taint but absorbed it over time from the land. not directly influenced by the DRAGON; more of a byproduct then anything
EnderBorn: second generation and onwards- Those who are children of the End-touched, the Void flows through them and connects them to the END, they have a cold feeling about them that pushes away normal beings, and messes with redstone machines
the Corrupted- A direct Product of the DRAGON"S influence, these humans where deliberately targeted by It's powers and warped into horrid beasts, Servants of the DRAGON and it's herald, they seek to spread terror and unrest about the peoples of the land and normally lead a cult of EndTouched and Enderborn.

The majority of those who are touched by the DRAGON turn to his service one way or another, from cults to terrorist attacks, they consciously or unconsciously do his bidding, though there remains a small percentage who shut out the being and fight it ceaselessly with in their own souls. objects imbued with the taint bring great pain to all touched humans, either accepted happily as a 'cleansing gift' or hated full heartedly as a abysmal curse depending on the disposition of the touched.
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Re: Backstories

Postby knolli » Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:38 am

The new land was a dangerous place. Many travelers who sought the shelter of Brikhalls were ambushed on the road by the demons that roam the night. So the Roadwardens were formed. They are a small police force that patroles the roads near Brikhall to keep the upright travelers safe from the assaults of Undead and bandits alike. Their base of operation is the Fortress of the Wardens, often called Castle Roadward or just The Warden.
The fortress is being build with the help of the Dwarves from Brikhalls. So it shouldn't astonish anyone that a good part of it is underground and there is even a mine deep down beneath it. The ores mined there help to support the Wardens.
The biggest surprise for the builders was when an old cursed dungeon was found right on the third day of construction. Some workers thought it a bad omen and canceled their contract. The Roadwardens on the other hand recognized the opportunity to train their skills under controlled conditions on an endless stream of foes. So the training room came to existance, called Experience Farm by some.

Just recently a Miners discovered a new cave. Immediatelly a exploration team was send down. They were gone for days without a sign and some believed them dead. Then to everyones amazement they crawled up the stairs of Brikhalls' Mine, injured and starving. After some days rest they reported of the endless labyrinth of tunnels, caverns full of ores  and lakes of lava. Obviously the tunnels reached all the way from Brikhall to Roadwarden and probably even further.
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Re: Backstories

Postby mgb519 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:40 pm

Uh...when will we be able to make nicknames?
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Semaj Nagirrac wrote:Well, I took some land without checking if it was owned by a faction or not. I'm not going to be banned, am I? I can destroy everything if need be.

That's what Hitler said,
in 1938.
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Re: Backstories

Postby Zupponn » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:26 am

Zupponn has always looked to do his own thing.  Even in the first incarnation of the world, he became a pirate and attacked the nation of Tempersia.  After nearly dieing twice, he was given a pardon for his ruthlessness and became the Admiral of the Tempersian fleet.  

After the first great cataclysm, Zupponn again found himself a pirate.  After building a fort on a nearby river, he quickly made peace with both Ironfall and Ignetium and briefly added a couple of people to his crew before they left because of a lack of action.

Then the second great cataclysm hit and most of the world's inhabitants found themselves united under the glory of Brikhalls.  Zupponn was one of the few who wasn't.  Choosing to live on the nearby frozen lake, he became an ally of Brikhalls, helping them if needed yet still maintaining a bit of distance and mystery from its inhabitants.  After the fall of Brikhalls, he found himself quite alone in his part of the world.  Local desert Testificates started seeing Zupponn as a god due to his incredible feats and built a temple in his honor: The Temple of Zupponn -- False God of the Desert.  A few days after construction, the temple was damaged by unknown sources and later repaired by Zupponn himself.  It is unknown whether this figure is actually a god or not, hence the title, False God.
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