Apocalypse lands LINKS

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Apocalypse lands LINKS

Postby alphafalcon541 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:14 am

In a small town in the desert something is up.
The imperial diplomacy has failed PAC and the raiders have attacked the Imperial Guard army.
PAC and raiders.The PAC also have a sniper and hero in the bunker. Their main army is made up of two assault troopers, four commandos, a grenadier, and a rocket and machine gun team. The raiders have a hero, a medic, a sniper, a mechanic, two rocket launchers and a swordsman. In the other group they have a chaingun, a sniper, a grenade launcher, another chaingun, and a machine gun.
The Imperial Guard army. This is the army that I am playing as it includes a hero, 8 assault troops, a rocket launcher, a chaingun, a medic, and sniper.
The small task force of desert defense minifigures. This includes a machinegun, a small assault rifle, a rocket launcher, double pistols, and four assault troops. This is the smallest force on the field.

                         Battlefield Overwatch
Desert Defence Squad
Sign-up Turn 0 here
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