[HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

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[HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Stormblessed » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:51 pm

The Battle of Six Armies:

Once upon a windy day,
A bunch of orcs did stray.
Setting up something bad,
Other armies got mad.
They flocked and squawked,
and blocked and gawked.
Horselords of the north,
The Dragon Knights went forth.
Dwarves of the south,
DeathKnights heard of it by word of mouth.
And the orcs found themselves surrounded,
By endless armies all arounded.

Note: In this Overhead shot, one can see the die rolls for each armies turn. One can also find out by reading the rest of this post.
Note: Also, all movement around isn't going to be included, because its the story of-DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!-not the story of-EPIC MOVEMENT!

Everyone wants to win this fight, for the winner of this fight get the title of Faction Winner of the Halloween Hellhunt (because 8)).

Turn One (Orcs):

The Orcs start moving out, but one crit misses and attacks the other, he counter attacks, but no casualties.

Another Orcs moves out, and takes out a horse.

One of the four Orc Mages runs up with a bit of magic movement, and stabs a dwarf in the neck, also keeping him on his weapon to insult the remainder of the dwarves.

Turn One (HorseLords):

The HorseLord hero smashes into the rear guard of two Orcs including a mage, killing both of the them and sending them flying.

The HorseMage uses his 2d4 supernatural dice to summon a lasting fire elemental, whose attacks disintegrate both of the remaining orcs, leaving just a head.

Turn One (DragonKnights):

The DragonMage uses EARTH CRUSH to crush the armored knight under a pile of earth.

One of the regular troops attacks the HorseMage, but misses and the JesterMage kills him by lighting his head on fire.

Turn One (Dwarves):

The Dwarf King smashes into a Orc Mage and his Heroik Weapon smashes the enemies head off with lightning.

Two Dwarves gang up on an Orc and smash his dead body back into the brush.

Turn One (DeathKnights):

The DeathKnight hero uses his Dragon Bow to kill an orc.

Turn One (Outcome):

At this point, the Orcs have been decimated, due to bad strategy, and even though they had the most troops, they started in the middle surrounded by enemies.
The HorseLords lost some troops, but have a fire elemental, still have their hero, and most of their horses.
The DragonKnights have both their magi, including the Hero and his dragon. Their original position included a flank on the HorseLords, and it can be used next turn.
The Dwarves have one casualty, but still retain most of their forces. They had the weakest army.
The DeathKnights have lost nothing, still have their ranged attackers (bats and bows), and retains all of their armored units. Their armored units couldn't attack anything turn one.

Turn One (Story):

The orcs announced their presence to their enemies, the HorseLords. The DragonKnights came to destroy their enemy, the HorseLords. The other armies heard of this clash, and couldn't be left out.
All the armies wanted the prize, and spoils of the dead, and the fame of such a victory. As the battle opened up, the orcs spread out, but mostly went to the south. They taunted and scorned,
laughed and mocked their foes. Enraged, the HorseLords took them out first. The hero, Silver (totally not pandering to the judges), launches and attack that kills orcs, while the fire elemental disintegrates two more.
They ask for a temporary truce to deal with the Orcs, but are shot down on ground of BRIKWARS. Silver laughes at his foolish foes for not taking this chance, as they will all die soon.
The DragonMage, Brag (totally not pandering), uses his mighty earth powers to render a Horsemen useless and soon to be dead. His dragon snorts small flames which whip around, taunting his mortal foes.
The Dwarves say little, being a quiet folk, but their king, Killer (what does pandering mean), smashes through an Orc Mage.
DeathKnights move slowly and speak eerily. They care not for anyone, but care for all. In that, all must be converted to the way of the DeathKnight.

And let it be said,
That some are dead.
And others will soon follow.
On this, the eve of Halloween...

Turn Two (Orcs):

This is the only picture of movement. Because no orcs attacked this turn, the cowards.

Turn Two (HorseLords):

The flank attack is destroyed when a spearman gets a 6 and then a 5 on the armored unit, bypassing the armor.

The JesterMage lights another person on fire and chortles. He attempts to stand on his head, but was out of actions.

The Fire Elemental destroys another guy, leaving a head.

And NOW, Silver's turn:

Level Up!
He charges at one DeathKnight and gets a ten for skill, making this attack explosive. He gets a 6, a 5, then rolls another 6 with bonus, then another 6, then a 4,
and finally the explosive damage is factored in. And that meant five DeathKnights all die. This changes everything and all of the HorseLords that still live proclaim him
Lance Horsestrong!

Turn Two (DragonKnights)

The earth takes off his head.

The DragonMage, Brag, uses EARTH CRUSH and takes out the JesterMage, his horse, and the fire elemental disappears.

Turn Two (Dwarves):

Four dwarves combine their damage onto one orc.

They barely kill it.

Turn Two (DeathKnights):

Note: This is not a great picture, but its funny to not be able to tell which orc was just killed.
The DeathKnight uses his bow to take out a orc on the other side of the picture.

The bats can move 5 inches per turn, but when the attack, they can move another five inches. A cross between a melee and a ranged unit. Two go for the orc standard
and one goes for a dwarf.

The bat gets about 3 bonus damage dice, and this things is utterly destroyed and bats is looming to eat a meal.

The other bats barely kill the standard. All that's left is the Orc King.

The last DeathKnight tries to kill Silver, aka Lance Horsestrong, but dies.

Turn Two(Outcome):

The Orcs are lost.
The DeathKnights too.
Silver has leveled up with a great attack.
The Dwarves still retain most of their numbers.
And the DragonKnights still have both their earth mages.
And movement occurs that isn't on screen because no one wants to see movement. If you do, I can provide some pictures that I took occasionally.
Those might be blurry though, I didn't care that much about them.

Turn Two (Story):

For glory, for fame,
but for others, shame.
The Orc King, the coward,
hides unders some flowered.
He laughed, he smiled, he lurked.
"Oh, what a lovely day it is to be a jerk!"
The DeathKnights, dead.
The irony, said.

Turn Three (Orcs):

The Orc King, the coward, camouflages himself under some brush. The coward. But he does have a strange smile on his face...

Turn Three (HorseLords):

Silver, aka Lance Horsestrong, charges to kill the archer. Before he attacks, the archer dies from fear and awe.

The JesterMage loses his head.

And then something strange happens.
But that will be posted after some nappings.

Part Two Coming Soon...
Note: If this wasn't as pictures as expected, more pictures are coming for part two.
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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Silverdream » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:57 pm

I'm not sure if this was only half finished, but I'm going to mark it anyway.

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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Killer Karetsu » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:07 pm

I thought the same silva, but I'll rate it anyway.
Overall appeal:3
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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Stormblessed » Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:42 pm

I was going to do part two, but then I got disheartened because I had gotten no comments. Perhaps there just wasn't enough deaths.
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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Silverdream » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:22 pm

Sorry. I saw pic heavy and decided to put the review on hold. The pandering was cool though.
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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Bragallot » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:32 am


Would"ve been higher if you'd managed to finish. Lack of comments is probably because people don't want the thread to get cluttered up by having posts in between turns... I'm not too bothered if that happens though.
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Re: [HH] The Battle of Six Armies (pic heavy)

Postby Rev. Sylvanus » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:23 am

Stormblessed wrote:I was going to do part two, but then I got disheartened because I had gotten no comments. Perhaps there just wasn't enough deaths.

Don't write bat-reps for the sake of feedback, do it because you love the game and want to share  :D
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